Leica Opens Its First Store in the Philippines

Leica Opens Its First Store in the Philippines

The world’s legendary camera brand, Leica, opened its first store in the Philippines in Greenbelt 5 last November 5th.

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The store opening is another milestone that highlights the centenary of Leica, the brand that introduced mobile photography back in 1914. Back in the day, when people used huge tripods and exploding flashguns inside the studio, Oskar Barnack changed the photography game by introducing LeicaSince then, street photography has become incredibly popular and Leica is now the favorite camera brand of contemporary photographers.

Leica’s official opening was highlighted through an exhibit featuring Leica Cameras owned by Filipino collectors, Andrea Yang, Manny Inmerable and National Artist, Arturo Luz.

Leica III G (1956 Andrea Yang), Leica II (1932 Arturo Luz), Ur – Leica (1912- 1913 Manny Inumerable)

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My favorite Joey Mead-King hosted the event, which was attended by guests from Leica, Ayala and Lucerne Group. Ms. World Philippines 2014, Valerie Weigmann was also present.

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Lucerne Group, the country’s premiere seller of luxury timepieces is named as the official distributor and retailer of Leica Camera in the Philippines. The partnership of Leica and Lucerne may be a little out of ordinary (with Lucerne’s focus on luxurious timepieces) – but it is Lucerne’s experience and dedication to handling technical luxury customers and tailor-made solutions that closed the deal for the two brands.

Sunil Kaul, Managing Director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific said,  ”I am happy to appoint Lucerne as our partner in the Philippines. This year is a year of many milestones and the launch of the first ever Leica Store in the Philippines will be included as one of them. Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed the increase in demand in Manila for our cameras, sport optics and accessories. New customers are entering the brand through the Leica Store & Boutique in Asia. I view the Philippines as an important and emerging market with lots of potential. Lucerne will be instrumental in this journey to building closer relationships with Filipino customers with a dedicated customer care program and service. I look forward to a rewarding partnership with Lucerne as Leica Camera continues to grow in the market.” 

The launch also showcased the new and exciting products of Leica.

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