Leica Opens Its First Store in the Philippines


The newly opened Leica store in Greenbelt 5 represents the brand’s identity: simple, unpretentious and elegant. The warm red color of the background display highlights the different Leica cameras and binoculars. They are neatly arranged and displayed – a visit to the store is more like a visit to a camera museum.  


leica philippinesPB046700

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Behind the display wall lies a gallery with comfortable couches and magazine racks. On the walls are framed photographs taken by Leica cameras. The area also serves as a workshop place for activities that Leica and Lucerne are planning to hold for camera enthusiasts.


leica philippinesPB046689

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leica philippinesPB046691

Visit the new Leica Store in the Philippines and experience the world of Leica photography for yourself!

Congratulations Leica and Lucerne Group to the awesome store opening!

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Leica Store Philippines


Lower Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City




Leica Opens Its First Store in the Philippines