#LadyBoss: 23 Strong Women That Will Truly Inspire You

Abi Fernandez

abbie fernadez sy

Photos from Instagram accounts @blk513 and @abifsy

I bet you’ve already seen that IG-worthy yogurt. Well, there is a girl boss behind that brand. Abi Fernandez is one half of the powerful force behind the success of BLK 513 and 80 Queens. They are known for their flagship business BLK 513 that offers dark skim activated charcoal yogurt, which has different health benefits like lower cholesterol levels and poisoning treatment. Since they wanted to focus on healthy snacking, they opened 80 Queens, which has red beetroot fries and black chips (white corn chips infused with activated charcoal). They seem to be unstoppable and have even more snacks in store for their loyal customers.

Kiray Celis

kiray celis

Photos from Instagram accounts @kiraycelis and @chicksandfinsph

At a young age, Kiray has been present in TV and movies. Though we all knew her to be an actress, she had put her blood, sweat, and tears into some of her businesses, as well: Chicks and Fins in Mendiola and Mixed Wrap in Sampaloc, Manila. Both businesses are placed in strategic locations to cater to students looking for quality meals at reasonable prices. She is a true testament that success in business knows no age. Her story inspires us to pursue our passions no matter the age and timing.

Joy Buensalido

joy buesalido

Photos from Joy’s Instagram account: @joybuensalido

The PR, marketing and brand industry may be very cut-throat, but there are women in the industry that constantly rise up to the occasion. One of these outstanding women is Buensalido PR’s Joy Buensalido. She established the PR Agency in 1983 and it is now one of the trusted agencies. She shares that her team is a group of young, creative and passionate individuals that helped the business succeed. Some of their clients include brands under the retail, fashion, food, technology, health, telecommunications, and entertainment industries.

Charisse Tinio

char tinio

Photos from Char Tinio’s Facebook account and @niceprintphoto on Instagram

A photographer for the stars (whether individuals or families) – that’s who Charisse Tinio is. Five years ago, she started Nice Print, which specializes in wedding photography. It is no wonder why. After all, she came from the same industry where she acquired eight Konica branches. To date, Nice Print is one of the premiere photography companies that covers different events and occasions. Char is a name suggested by celebrities all over the Philippines, not just for her impeccable work, but also because of the personal bonds she forms with her clients.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero

heart evangelista

Photos from Heart’s Instagram accounts @iamhearte and @iamlovemarie_e

Actress, fashionista, artist, author, and businesswoman – that is Heart Evangelista. Though we have known Heart as an actress, she has long been a part of their family business. She then ventured on pursuing her passion in painting, having her first art exhibit in 2014 and continuing with new work. Heart shares that her paintings are an outlet for how she feels. Aside from her paintings, Heart has been a long-time volunteer for Gawad Kalinga and PAWS, just to name a few. She also has a foundation called Heart Can where she helps children with respiratory diseases. Truly, this woman is beautiful inside and out.

Leina Bolinas

Leina Bolinas

Photos from Leina Bolinas’ LinkedIn account and Gen K’s Instagram account: @genkoreanbbq_ph

If you love Korean Bbq, this girl has got your back. Leina Bolinas is one of the brains behind the Philippine branch of Gen Korean Bbq at SM by the Bay. The restaurant is managed by Excello Management Group and Leina is the managing partner of Gen K. The restaurant is known for their premium meats that you cannot find in other Korean restaurants.

Catherine Ilacad

cat ilacad

Photos from Cat Ilacad’s LinkedIn account and Posh Nails’ Instagram accounts: @poshnails_

Known for her chain of nail salons, Catherine Ilacad or Cat is a name that usually comes up when talking about the nail spa industry. What started out as a small business in 2002, Posh Nails now has over 30 branches nationwide. They offer a wide range of luxurious nail and pampering services that Cat wants to bring closer to everyone. Though the business is open for franchise, she is still very hands-on. She was able to expand the business slowly and proves that no age or gender can define success.

Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

happy skin

Photos from happyskin.com and Happy Skin’s Instagram account: @happyskin_ph

The beauties behind one of our favorite skin brands: Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. These two have been making waves in the beauty industry by making products that are good for the skin and are perfect for every Filipina. Happy Skin is founded by these two beauties who learned from their previous careers what consumers want and need. Since the brand was launched in 2013, they have expanded to 14 stores and over 80 beauty counters in the Philippines to date. They have also launched multiple partnerships with celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo and Heart Evangelista-Escudero.

Angie King

angie king

Photo from Angie King’s Instagram account @angieking and carpornracing.com

Car Porn Racing owner Angie King has something in store for car enthusiasts. Coming from a family who has a need for speed, Angie started the garage because it was her hobby. The shop is known for offering unique automotive customizations like widebody kits, V8 transplants and other enhancements that other garages don’t offer.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Cat Arambulo Antonio

Photos from Instagram accounts @catarambulo and @catastrophe.ph

With her online presence, it is safe to say that this mompreneur and influencer is bringing momhood to new heights. Cat is known for her blog, but has also launched her brand Catastrophe. She then ventured on partnering with Dr. Kong and Mosaic for products that she helped design for women on the go. Aside from a business and collaborations, she is also one of the judges for an international design show. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll know there is definitely no stopping her with so many ongoing international projects and upcoming collaborations. Though there are so many things happening, Cat is still on hand with her kids Alana and Asher who we always see on her Instagram stories. These kids have their own brand collabs, too! How cool is that?!

Rhiza Pascua


Photos from Instagram account @itsarpee

You favorite musicians are now within reach with the help of MMI Live’s #LadyBoss Rhiza Pascua. She is the brains behind our favorite concerts like Madonna, Coldplay, Maroon5, One Direction and the most recent Dua Lipa, just to name a few. She pursued this passion after dropping out of law school, and it turned out great. She is a living testament of succeeding when you put your heart and soul into something. Though Rhiza is based in LA, she comes back to the Philippines to oversee the operations of her business. She shares that MMI’s success is teamwork.

Merlee Jayme

merlee jayme

Photos from Twitter account @mjayme and www.dentsujaymesyfu.com

More known as the ChairMOM and Chief Creative Officer of DentsuJaymeSyfu, Merlee Jayme has a very interesting story to tell. She shares that before going into the advertising industry, she was supposed to be a nun. She entered the convent when she was 13. Three years later, she went home and is now the #LadyBoss of an award-winning advertising agency. She shares that the success of the agency is not just because of one person, but of a team. One of their award-winning campaigns is pictured above. The Dead Whale campaign for Green Peace aims to educate people about the harm of plastic waste to the ocean and its animals.

Who is your favorite lady boss?