Kiray’s New Restaurant Has Wings You’ll Want To Come Back For

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Article by Therese Justine Bruel/ Photos by Chloe King

Kiray’s new restaurant, Chicks and Fins, truly surprised us when we first heard about it. We hadn’t expected such an establishment to come from such a well-known name in Philippine media, but we’re really glad Kiray went into this venture with her business partner. Once you get a taste of these wings, you’ll find yourself craving for more, too!

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Despite the fact that Chicks and Fins hasn’t even properly opened its doors to the public yet, we’re already raring to go back—and why is that? Because their chicken wings are absolutely divine! We got the chance to taste their bestsellers, and it certainly does make sense that they sell as much as they do! Just one look at them, and you’ll see these wings aren’t here to just play around!

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Looking for something on the sweet side? Why not try their Honey Volcano Wings? These wings aren’t really as spicy as their name makes them out to be, but that’s perfectly okay!

It has a blend of sweet honey coating that will make you lick your lips, and an edge of spice that will keep you on your toes!

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If you’re really looking for something spicy, though, try the Honey Volcano’s spicier counterpart: the Volcano! Chicks and Fins’ wings don’t usually come with dip, so you’ll know it’s spicy if you need to quell the burn with a bit of ranch – truly for those who are more adventurous with their food!

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Not into spice? Try Chicks and Fins’ spin on Garlic Parmesean! A classic at any wings stop, these wings are a true contender with any top tier resto. The crisp wings are a delight to bite on, and the garlic taste  permeates the senses.

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Wings aren’t the only things to note, either. Although Kiray hasn’t expanded the menu to include the “Fins” part of Chicks and Fins yet, there are some really tasty fries on there, and even siomai that Kiray’s father makes himself! So why not indulge in these comfort foods? They’ll be really hard to resist, especially when they’re so inviting!

chicks and fins 21

Double Cheese Fries (Php80) and BBQ Bacon Fries (Php110)

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20-piece Siomai (Php149)

Know what the best part is? These prices are crafted specifically for students, so you get quality food at amazingly low prices! Three-piece wings with rice are priced at Php89—that’s a full meal at Php89! Four pieces of siomai with rice sells at Php49. Now you know where to go the next time you find yourself craving for good food at budget prices. It won’t cost much to go back and enjoy everything again!

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Chicks and Fins

Dona Carmen Bldg. 2, 2nd St. Cor. D.R.C Aguila St. Mendiola