Southie Alert: BLK 513 is Now Open in SM Southmall!

Activated charcoal has become a hit not just for home use and beauty products. Recently, a lot of food enthusiasts are starting to incorporate this powerful antioxidant into snacks, breads, drinks, and desserts. Because of the ability of activated charcoal to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, it has become an ongoing health trend. It is known to reduce high cholesterol, cleanse digestive tracks, whiten teeth, alleviate gas and bloating, and is also great for anti-aging.

The activated charcoal yogurt invasion continues. And this time, BLK 513, the brand every health enthusiast, dessert lover, and FroYo junkie has been talking about, is set to conquer the hearts (and tummies) of more people as the brand opens a new branch in the South of Metro Manila – specifically in SM Southmall.

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Owned by Frost Five Inc., a company that was set up by friends Abi, Kim and Gerry, BLK 513 became the talk of the town when it opened last year, thanks to the unique color of its bestseller, the frozen yogurt enhanced using activated charcoal. For their newest branch, the brand decided to open at SM Southmall to make it easier for everyone to have access to their now famous frozen treat.

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A cup of this frozen yogurt doesn’t only give a nice play of colors that contrasts with its unusual grey swirl; it’s devouring on a dessert while it does a lot for the body!

Things you need to know about BLK513 frozen yogurt:

  • It is dark skim frozen yogurt with activated charcoal
  • Contains active probiotic cultures
  • Made from highest quality Greek yogurt and natural ingredients
  • Healthier and gluten-free because dark skim is lower in calories, fat, and sugar than other treats
  • Activated charcoal is the world’s oldest and trusted detoxifying agent
  • No artificial sweetener, no artificial flavor
  • A global remedy for anti-aging, bloating, and heart health
  • Can help eliminate toxins from processed food and environmental pollution

They offer Dark Skim cups (one size only) for Php185 with a choice of 1 crunch, 2 fruits and 1 sauce. They also have Dark Skim cones for Php170.

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Step 1: Choose between cup or cone

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Step 2: Choose 1 crunch topping

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Step 3: Pick 2 fruit toppings

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Step 4: Select sauce for drizzling

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Step 5: Enjoy!

“We decided to open at SM Southmall because of the mall’s accessible location,” shares Seph, BLK PR Officer. “No other mall in the area is as easily accessible, not just for people from Las Pinas or Alabang, but also Paranaque and Bacoor. Time and again, we always emphasize that we are here to help people create healthier eating habits. Everyday, we strive to do that and grow. And we’re happy that more than a year since we started, we are here now, five branches strong.”

Located at SM Southmall’s The Food Street, the brand’s newest branch starts serving Southerners with their iconic activated charcoal yogurt starting this November. Other treats that the branch will be offering include Matcha Macadamia Granola, Rainforest Mix, and Valrhona Granola among others.

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Matcha Macadamia Granola and Valrhona Granola

To further mark the importance of their opening, BLK 513 SM Southmall’s opening coincides with the return of their Red Velvet sauce.

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BLK 513’s Christmas Special: Red Velvet Cheesecake with half red velvet, half cheesecake, sprinkled with toasted coconut

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Embrace the dark side and do your body some good. Visit BLK 513 in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, Eastwood Mall, S’Maison in Conrad Hotel and SM Southmall today!

BLK 513 at SM Southmall

Ground Floor, Food Street, SM Southmall, Las Pinas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blk513ph

Instagram: @blk513ph