WATCH: Joey Mead Speechless Upon Seeing Her “Special Gift” From Angie King

Joey Mead King was speechless upon seeing her Stang as a gift. Who wouldn’t be?

They say a successful marriage is when you don’t lose that spark. You must continue surprising each other with spectacular things, and you would have a happy marriage. And I guess, that’s the secret between one of my favorite couples: Joey and Angie King.

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I know it’s nice to receive gifts from our loved ones, but receiving a car, sorry, a Mustang, is a different story.

Angie gives Joey mustang

Black on black and smoked taillights. It’s straight dark night.

Angie gave her wife a customized 1967 Eleanor, number 7 in the build of the official Eleanor series, according to Angie, an icon in the motoring industry.

Angie documented everything and uploaded it on her YouTube account. When Angie was informed that the car was ready, she pretended that they were just going to look at the cars in the shop. Little did she know that there was Stang waiting for her.

Angie said in the video: “Finally after a year in the making I get to unveil Angelina to my lovely wife! Thank you to Fusion Luxury Motors for all the love!”

angelina gives joey a mustang

It’s an 8-minute video but all you see is Joey crying for joy and looking mesmerized.

When Angie asked her: “What do you think, honey?”

Joey responded: “I love you. I am so surprised.” That’s all she said upon seeing the Mustang.


Photo grabbed from @hailtothe_king IG account: She captioned it: “Amazing work by @fusionmotorcompany for my wife’s car “Angelina” spent over a year secretly building this beast! The first Roush 650hp Supercharged engine, first murdered out, first auto gearbox. Number 7 in the Elenor line.”

angelina mustang


Watch the full story below:

Don’t worry, Joey, I’d be speechless too if I received one like this!

gone in 60 seconds

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