Mixed Wrap: Experience Burritos Infused with Filipino Flavors

Article by Sophia Teaño / Photos by Eunick Nobe

Are you looking for your next food stop? Are you on a budget, too? If you’re a rice-loving person who happens to be in the Manila area, why not give Mixed Wrap a try? Inspired by a Californian restaurant, Mixed Wrap is a food joint partnership between long-time friends Kiray Celis and Inand Ibasco. The outlet offers your well-known burritos… but with a Filipino twist in its ingredients!

For starters, you can try their Nacho Overload (Php89). The appetizer packs nachos with tomatoes, onions, and meat, a generous topping of cheese.

Of course, the star of the show is their main course. They offer classic burritos in beef and chicken (Php89), or you may opt for the all-meat version (Php99).

If there’s anything you shouldn’t miss, though, it’s their Breakfast Burritos, because this is where the fusion comes in. Our favorite is their Beef Tapa Burrito (Php89) filled with that delicious cured meat. They also offer other options, like the sweet meat variant, the Tocino Burrito, and the breakfast staple, the Corned Beef Burrito.

Alternatively, if you brought along a friend who needs a Japanese fix, you can let them try the Makirito (Php99). This item on their menu tastes like maki, and can be filled with tuna, salmon, or spam; cucumber, crab sticks, and carrots, and a mayo-wasabi dip.

Looking for something that’s a little more on the spicy side? Mixed Wrap introduces their Ramen Burrito, which had our tastebuds feeling a little tingly right after biting into it. It also has cabbage and a sunny side up egg in it, giving balance to the spiciness of the noodles that fill burrito.

If you find that you’re the more traditional type, though, they also offer the Naked counterpart: dishes served in a more familiar fashion. For Php89, you can get a Beef Bowl, a Chicken Bowl, a Tapa Bowl, a Corned Beef Bowl, a Spam Bowl, or a Tuna Bowl. They also have Burgerito and Adoborito, both at Php89 each.

You may want to watch out, because Inand shares that they may introduce a challenge soon—finishing a giant burrito in 10 minutes!

The outlet offers satisfactory portions at student-friendly prices. They are also enjoyable for sharing since you can neatly share slices of the burrito instead of simply scooping things out of a bowl. Mixed Wrap is best for students who love their Filipino ulam and rice wrapped with a little twist.

Mixed Wrap

1222 Unit 2C Vantage Bldg. I. Delos Reyes St. Sampaloc
0977 739 2800
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mixedwrapph

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