LAbor Union Festival 2017: Where Awesome People Unite for Music, Arts, and Sports

RECAP: LAbor Union Festival 2017 from Jemina Mission on Vimeo.

Last Labor Day weekend, we responded to the call of the North and headed to San Juan, La Union for the LAbor Union Festival 2017. Deemed as the Mother of all Festivities, it combined some of the things we really love: music, arts, sports, and fun games. It was also packed with awesome people, making it even more special.

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My buddy and I got there at around 3am on Saturday. We stayed on the beach where we waited for the sunrise. It was a fun and refreshing experience since both of us hadn’t been to a beach for a couple of months.

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Just a couple of minutes later, participants for that day’s activity, the AXN Big Thrill, started arriving. Around 300 male and female challengers registered for the said competition. One by one, their speed, agility, and balance were tested through the tough physical challenges designed by race director Kerry Asuncion.

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While waiting for the results of the race, we decided to freshen up and catch some sleep. By the time we got back to the beach, the competition was still ongoing. The competition was really tough, we could tell.

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Of course, we also didn’t miss the chance to check out the booths present that day. Each of them prepared something fun. Some offered exciting promos and freebies, while some had fun games attendees could participate in. There was also a bazaar featuring local sellers of clothes, food, and other fun items.

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After sunset came the raffle draw, where lucky attendees won big prizes. It was followed by the awarding of the AXN Big Thrill winners.

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Then, the music festival began. It was opened by a cultural performance by the Kankanaey Indigenous People’s Federation of San Juan, La Union. Towards the end of their presentation, they came down the stage and danced with the crowd. It was in time for the intro of Lady I. This group set the mood right with its riveting music. Its songs’ catchy rhythm and powerful vocals captivated the crowd that was already starting to chill.

labor union festival 2017

Before moving on to the next band, San Juan Vice Mayor Michael Antonio Magsaysay was invited to the stage for a few words about the festival. First, he welcomed everyone to San Juan and then expressed how happy he was for the event, which was meant not only to promote the town as the Surfing Capital of the North, but also to showcase the other fun things that could be found and done here.

He was joined by Coun. Migz Magsaysay and representatives of the San Juan Resort, Restaurant and Hotel Association, the Department of Tourism, and the Philippine Tourism Board. Representatives of the Kankanaey Indigenous Tribe and San Juan Surf Club also gave a few words. These two groups, together with the Pawikan Conservation, were the beneficiaries of the event.

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