Tangadan Falls: La Union’s Hidden Gem

La Union has largely been associated with surfing. However, if you’re looking for other tastes of adventure, you’re still at the right place!



While having a sumptuous lunch after surfing the whole Sunday morning, we were informed by one of the locals about these hidden falls called Tangadan Falls. Since we needed to head back to Manila by evening due to our work the next day, there was a need for me to convince my friends to embark on this out-of-the-itinerary adventure – which actually didn’t take that long after a showed them a picture of Tangadan Falls from Google.

So began another adventure. (See also: Beyond the First Step: When We Brought Jollibee on the Mountains of Kayapa)

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 3

After a 40-minute tricycle ride, we realized that “accessible” certainly didn’t describe the place. Parts of the road were too steep for the tricycle we rented that we needed to transfer to a single motorcycle.

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 2

It took us about 20 minutes to reach the drop-off point. From there, it was all hike.

Though the trail was not that complicated, someone unfamiliar with the place would still easily get lost. It’s imperative to have someone knowledgeable of the trail as your guide, preferably a local. There is no fixed fee but it is minimal and dependent on the number of heads who will join.

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 4

The hike doesn’t require professional gear. A sturdy pair of sandals or slippers will do. If you plan on using rubber shoes, be ready to get it wet since the hike will require crisscrossing the river.

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 7

Our guide said that it’s better to visit the place during summer when the trail is less muddy, the stones are less slippery, and the current is more serene. It’s quite a long walk, but here are some of the incentives:

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 9

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 5

Tangadan Falls La Union's Hidden Gem 6


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