La Pomme: A Dainty Handmade Haven for Craft Lovers

La Pomme: A Dainty Handmade Haven for Craft Lovers


When in Manila had a chance to have a fun and crafty afternoon at a dainty shop called La Pomme.

lapomme3 (copy)

La Pomme


Located inside The Collective in Malugay St., Makati, La Pomme offers mini workshops and sells adorable little knick knacks.

La Pomme is actually a French word for Apple, which happens to be the name of the owner who sells and makes most of the products in the store. Almost everything that you will see in her shop is handmade. 


Apol “The Mascot”


Handmade is LOVE!


 Bag stuffers/room fragrance—they smell so good!


Some sweet finds for the ladies


Counting Eggs for the learning child


Toys for the little girls


Filipino toys


More “pinoy toys”

These are just some of the products that Apol carefully makes/handpicks for her customers. These products are handmade because she wants to make sure that each product is made with love and that children can learn/benefit from it.


Colorful displays/toys



After appreciating all of her products and getting all giddy as I smelled and touched all of her handmade stuff – YES, most of them smell really good! – we went on with the mini workshop!

As mentioned earlier, Apple also offers mini workshops for the kids and the kids at heart!


Workshop Schedule 


You don’t have to be an expert to join. I was a (super) beginner, for instance, but it turned out to be a really fun experience for me!


Workshop nook


We made a mini bear from scratch in just an hour!

lapomme1 (copy 2)

Sew Plush Workshop


Apol was really patient and detailed when she taught me how to sew. She even gave some techniques and tips to make it easier for me to sew my bear. 

After an hour’s worth of effort, it was nice to see the outcome…

lapomme4 (copy)

My MigMig Bear! (:


The workshop is open to anyone of all ages. If you’re not into sewing, though, you can rest easy because you can also try painting some of her paper mache animals that are readily available in the store.


Paint an animal


There are so many wonderful things inside La Pomme, it’s like entering a whole new world! 

Apol also welcomes kids who want to celebrate their special day at her shop. She can organize a mini workshop for them and have them enjoy their meal at her place.

So, when in Manila, remember to drop by this little place and take home a handmade treasure of your own – or better yet, create one for yourself!



La Pomme





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La Pomme: A Dainty Handmade Haven for Craft Lovers