Kuwaiti Influencer Says Botox is a More Important Issue Than Her Comments on Domestic Workers

In case you missed it, we recently wrote about a Kuwaiti influencer named Sondos Alqattan who complained about Filipino domestic workers. She complained about these workers, even calling them ‘servants’, getting a day off per week and not having to surrender their passports.

Since then, the online backlash has piled up quite a lot and in light of the backlash, several brands have decided to suspend their collaborations with Sondos, including MAC and Max Factor Arabia. According to Vogue, Max Factor Arabia was shocked by Sondos’ comments. “Sondos’ comments are personal and do not represent neither the values nor the principles that Max Factor Arabia stands for,” they said. This obviously didn’t sit well with the beauty influencer as she has stated that she would get her fans to boycott the brands that are cutting ties with her.

Earlier this week, Sondos posted several more videos on the issue. In the following video, Twitter users have translated it to her saying that she doesn’t disagree with the ‘servants’ going out once a month and having a mobile phone, but she disagrees that they go out once a week and that they get to keep their passports. She claims that people have been taking her comments out of context:

She also adds that the Filipinos who are attacking her do not realize how much money the average citizen pays to get a ‘servant’. And if the ‘servant’ decided to leave, that money would not be compensated.

In this video, she allegedly says, “Don’t talk about this anymore. There are more important things in life. I’m thinking of Botox.”

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