Kris Bernal Embraces Pregnancy Amidst Misinterpreted Video

They say a joke is not funny if you have to explain it, but Kris Bernal had to after netizens could not relate to the trending pregnant meme she jumped on to.

The video was posted on the actress’ Instagram account, where she lip-synched the popular audio from The Hot Chick, “It’s me, Jessica. I’m in here!” While doing so, she pointed to her growing baby bump and acted like crying while speaking to her pre-pregnancy self in the same bikini. This was actually a nod to the movie with its main character Jessica who was trapped in a man’s body.

“Same fit but add another human,” she captioned the post, along with her 26-week pregnancy update to her followers. “So blessed to experience this and this baby girl is already filling our days with so much love and hope. Thanks for the outpouring of love y’all,” she added.

However, some netizens mistook the meme for Bernal regretting her pregnancy. This was actually not the case, as she replied to one of the comments and said, “Read the caption po. Blessed for the miracle of life, for what my body is doing, and loving my bump in this season which means my baby is growing!” Nevertheless, she pointed out that “It doesn’t make you a bad mama or ungrateful to have feelings that aren’t always sunshine and rainbows!”


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The soon-to-be-mom also shared the said video through her Instagram Stories to explain further, “My acting was so convincing that people didn’t realize it was sarcastic and just a trending pregnant meme.”

Bernal first announced her pregnancy in March 2023 through a creative set of photos with her husband, Perry Choi.

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