Korean Sci-Fi Movie “Space Sweepers”: Is It the New Guardians of the Galaxy?

Growing up and loving movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, it was kinda hard for me to imagine non-US sci-fi films to be as good as these legendary franchises. I had my doubts. But as soon as I watched the first 15 minutes of Space Sweepers, I knew it wouldn’t fail in comparison. The cast gave stellar performances — from Song Joong Ki playing Tae Ho, the genius space pilot; Kim Tae-Ri, who portrayed Captain Jang; Jin Sun Kyu as Tiger Park; and Yoo-Hai Jin, who played Bubs, a military robot.

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This ragtag team of misfits is the crew of spaceship “Victory.” This foursome actually has a lot of similarities to our well-loved characters of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Tae Ho (Joong Ki) can be compared to Star-Lord, as both individuals seem a bit lost and kind of selfish. However, the pureness of their hearts trumps everything — which is why we will always love them to bits.

Captain Jang (Tae Ri), on the other hand, reminds me so much of Gamora. Maybe because both of them are bad-ass heroines who always carry with them a sense of righteousness. Tiger Park (Sun Kyu) has an uncanny similarity with Drax as both seem scary and intimidating at first glance but turn out to be real softies. Lastly would be Bubs (Hae Jin), who is a lot like Rocket. He provided a lot of comic relief that was sometimes crucial during battle scenes.

SpaceSweepers UNIT 013 scaled e1612417031385Space Sweepers. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Aside from the similarity of the characters, the feel and vibe of the movie were quite the same as well, with Space Sweepers being a light and feel-good sci-fi movie. Nothing too heavy or mind-boggling that will stir up conspiracy theories about the film.

SpaceSweeper PROPSPLATES 13Space Sweepers. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Director Jo Sung Hee did a pretty good job with Space Sweepers. Its cinematography and effects were on point, creating a narrative that the whole family will enjoy. But don’t just take my word for it. Catch it on their worldwide premiere on Feb. 5 exclusively on Netflix, and find out for yourself.

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