Craving for Korean Corn Dogs? Say Annyeong to Chijeu Chijeu

Have you gotten into the Korean corn dog craze yet? There’s no need to dream about heading to the Dongdaemun district anymore because you can enjoy them right here in the comfort of your own home!

Chijeu Chijeu’s amazing take on Korean corn dogs is literally that: amazing. I was a bit skeptical about these corn dogs at first, especially since I was getting them delivered. I did not think these babies would survive the drive; but to my surprise, they were still crunchy upon arrival and just so amazingly good!

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These corndogs are made with premium imported ingredients in order to assure that you get the exact taste, texture, and appearance of the famous Korean Corn Dog. To top it off they are handmade and cooked on demand to ensure that every order is new and fresh. I was lucky enough to try three variants: Crispy Potato Special with mozzarella and Korean franks, Almond Caramel Crunch with mozzarella and Korean Franks, and Cookies and Corn.

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The Crispy Potato Special is like a toss-up between a French fry and a corn dog. It’s pretty much like a value meal on its own since you get the corn dog plus fries on the corn dog! The crispy potatoes give every bite an additional crunchy texture that will make you excited for your next bite! It tastes even better with their cheese and sriracha dip.

The Almond Caramel Crunch reminded me of my all-time favorite Auntie Anne’s pretzel flavor. However, this is an upgraded version since it is stuffed with mozzarella and Korean sausage. It has a good balance of sweet and savory in every bite.

Their Cookies and Corn, which I honestly thought might be weird, ended up being my absolute FAVORITE! I love how the outer layer of the bun is crunchy, but it is still soft and chewy in the middle. It’s perfectly cooked and best dipped in their caramel sauce.

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For just 90 pesos, you can enjoy any of these 3 flavors and feel as if you’re being transported to Korea! Enjoy this snack while binge-watching on your favorite K-Dramas and you won’t have any FOMO since you can literally taste Korea. Just order via foodpanda or visit their branch at Ali Mall Araneta City!

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