Ko-Mix: A Pinoy Komiks Art Exhibit Opens in Muntinlupa

Reynold Dela Cruz opened his art exhibit titled “Ko-Mix” at the Museo ng Muntinlupa on Wednesday, May 29. This art exhibit which draws inspiration from Pinoy komiks, or Filipino comic books, will be on display until the end of July.

A Pinoy Komiks Art Exhibit Opens in Muntinlupa

“POGI” by Reynold Dela Cruz’ KO-MIX

“KO-MIX” by Reynold Dela Cruz explores themes of self-reflection. The title, with “Ko” meaning “me” in Filipino, emphasizes both the artist’s personal journey and the broader concept of Filipino identity. “Ang serye ng mga piyesa sa exhibit na ito ay pagpapatuloy ng nakaraang solo show ko kung saan naging inspirasyon ko ang pop art na gawa ng mga kilalang artists sa ibang bansa,” the Filipino artist born and raised in Muntinlupa City introduced. “Dahil dito, nagkaroon ako ng mas malawak pang kaalaman at mas magaganda pang mga ideya sa mga bago kong ginagawa.”

(The story of the pieces in this exhibit is a continuation of my past solo show where I drew inspiration from pop art created by renowned artists from other countries. Because of this, I gained a wider understanding and more prolific ideas for my new works.)

A Pinoy Komiks Art Exhibit Opens in Muntinlupa

“FIRE” by Reynold Dela Cruz’ KO-MIX

This oil on canvas collection by Reynold Dela Cruz began as a tribute to his roots in Muntinlupa, a bustling crossroads of people, places, and cultures. In the 1980s, Dela Cruz’s mother sold komiks – a medium that continues to reflect the everyday lives of Filipinos as their paths intertwine. “Kaya naisip kong pagsamahin at paghaluin sa isang konsepto ang mga naiisip kong ideya na ito,” he explained. “Parang crossing ba. Isa sa mga nagbibigay ng nakakatuwa at masayang idea at inspirasyon sa akin ay ang mga title cover ng komiks sa Pilipinas gaya ng ALIWAN, WAKASAN, HIWAGA, ESPESYAL, FUNNY, HAPPY, Pilipino Komiks atbp. Naglalarawan sila ng buhay ng mga Pilipino noon at ngayon.”

(“This is why I decided to combine in one concept all the ideas I have thought of. It’s just like a crossroads. One of the things that have brought amusing and joyful ideas and inspirations to me is the title covers of the komiks in the Philippines like ALIWAN, WAKASAN, HIWAGA, ESPESYAL, FUNNY, HAPPY, Pilipino Komiks, etc. These describe the life of the Filipinos before and today.”)

He also looked back on his amusement with comic books during his childhood, saying, “Naalala ko noon… nakakakita ako sa mga komiks ng mga onomatopeya o mga word of sound and action, gaya ng ‘BANG!’, ‘KABOOM!’, ‘POP!’, ‘POW!’, o ‘WAAAM!’”.

(“I remember that I used to see comics with onomatopoeia or the words of sound and action like ‘BANG!’, ‘KABOOM!’, ‘POP!’, ‘POW!’, o ‘WAAAM!’”)

A Pinoy Komiks Art Exhibit Opens in Muntinlupa

“SUPERSTAR” by Reynold Dela Cruz’ KO-MIX

In KO-MIX, the comic book transcends its traditional role. It becomes a mirror reflecting our identities and a window to the Filipino experience. The comic panels, like railroad crossings, can divide us yet also connect us, allowing for encounters and shared narratives. Within this space, our individuality blurs, reflecting the complexities of mixed identities. This is the paradox that drives KO-MIX.

The exhibit finds a perfect home in Muntinlupa as the City Government and Museo ng Muntinlupa recognize and celebrate local talents! For Dela Cruz, showcasing his work in his hometown is a homecoming and a tribute to his artistic journey. He aims to prove that success is possible despite challenges in the art field. Ultimately, he hopes his outstanding works will not only inspire viewers but also offer a truthful reflection of Filipino reality.

A Pinoy Komiks Art Exhibit Opens in Muntinlupa

“KO-MIX” by Reynold Dela Cruz

Immerse in Pinoy komiks and check out the “KO-MIX” exhibition at the Changing Exhibition Room of the Museo ng Muntinlupa from May 30 to July 29, 2024! You may also follow @museomuntinlupa on Instagram for more details on this art exhibit, or get to know the artist by following Reynold.y.delacruz on Facebook.