Know the Fact from Fiction: Millennials in Social Media


Social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, became one of the means of communication among Filipinos. It also became an alternative media for them to access news whenever or wherever. In the present time, it has been observed that online sources and references turns less credible and reliable specifically those posted and shared on social networks. These media has an increase in popularity but they mainly provided escapist entertainment rather resourceful education on the users.

The youth or popularly known nowadays, the millennials, in particular, comprise the majority of the population of social media users. They become vulnerable to what they read and hear online. With this, they tend to easily believe and accept the news or articles published even if their sources are dubious. The influence of social media is growing rapidly, most especially its influence on the millennials’ social and political perspectives. Common social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not the only sources, but also blogs written and created by media users. The importance of blogs lies not so much in their circulation but on the nature of their readership. Studies have shown that politically active and influential youth base many of their opinions on blogs (Farrell, H. & Drezner, D., 2008). Like how academic journals are beneficial in educational discourses, blogs also represent a new source of information. However, these all types of social media are seen as venues for sharing unreliable information which perpetuates the existence of popular misconceptions on the reality of the Philippine society.

 This 12th of October, the University of the Philippines Circle of Administrators, a socio-academic organization based on the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG), will be hosting an Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) entitled Know the Fact from Fiction: Millennials in the Social Media. This ACLE will be held at exactly 1PM at the NCPAG AVR, University of the Philippines – Diliman. The topic aims to encourage Filipinos, most especially the millennials, not only to become active users of the social media but also to be critical in whatever they share and disseminate. The organization wants them to know the value of integrity and duty of responsible sharing and posting in social media.

UP Circa, together with its speakers from the academe and the media and its official media partner,, hopes to contribute in creating a more credible online environment that is conducive for leaning and education of the youth.