KickStart Coffee – Perk up and Enjoy Your Day Because You’ve Earned It!

KickStart Coffee – Perk up and Enjoy Your Day Because You’ve Earned It!


It’s easy to grab a cup of coffee in Manila. Anytime you need a caffeine fix or simply catch up with friends, there’s a coffee shop at almost every corner.

As much as I enjoy a Starbucks latte post-workout, though, there are times when I crave for something more homey, like I’m when working away from home, or meeting up with old pals. Coffee shops do get quite old. And expensive. 

I’m a coffee junkie. I down at least four cups of coffee a day. I’m not sure if it’s healthy or not, but as long as I don’t experience palpitations yet, I’m not kicking this habit anytime soon. The ones I drink are the 3-in-1 varieties. They’re easy to prepare and taste quite good, too. But nothing beats the traditional brewed coffee. 

That’s why I was so eager to try out Silca Coffee’s Kickstart Coffee.

Kickstart coffee - coffee varieties

I ditched the usual coffee and tried this for an entire week and I think I won’t be opening another coffee sachet anytime soon. 

Kickstart Coffee comes in three varieties: Philippine Barako, Brewed Awakening, and Your Daily Lift.

The second the package arrived, I immediately noticed the sweet aroma of the coffee beans. Take note that they were still inside the plastic. The coffee beans’ natural fragrance became even more noticeable when I took them out of their packaging.

And Kickstart Coffee has really nice packaging. The sleek yet simple design–black, heat-sealed foil packs–is definitely striking. It has small perforations at the front, which is where the sweet scent comes from.

Kickstart coffee - coffee grains

It was a rainy afternoon and I needed to perk up, so I opened the Barako variety. It has a fruity aroma – sweet like a jackfruit. The ground beans have a really nice texture and you can say that they’re roasted to perfection. So I got the coffeemaker out and got to work.

Kickstart coffee - coffee grains in a teaspoon

The result is a full-bodied, sweet-smelling cup of coffee that is strong but not too overpowering. Unlike common barakos that leave you feeling a little dizzy, this one felt fine. It’s strong, yes, but it doesn’t make you queasy. And I had two cups. It’s exactly what you need on a dull afternoon and you’re trying to fight off sleepiness. 

Kickstart coffee - pouring coffee

Some people like putting a little sugar in their coffee to neutralize the bitter taste. I didn’t need to because the coffee has a sweet taste as is. 

The next morning, I tried the Daily Lift variety. It’s the perfect way to start the day. It’s not as strong as the Barako type, but it’s full-bodied. A sip feels good on the tongue. Although it’s mild, it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking water. Its thickness is just right. 

The sweet-smelling ground beans will surely make you want to wake up and smell the coffee. Compared to the Barako variety, I found this to have a slightly more bitter taste, which is perfect for getting you out of dysania. But by the third sip, you’ll get over it and start to enjoy it even more. This is the perfect company when reading the morning paper.

Kickstart coffee - coffee and morning paper


Kickstart coffee - coffee and pandesalDrinking coffee becomes even more enjoyable when you have hot, fresh-from-the-oven pandesal

Like I said earlier,  drinking 4 cups a day is normal for me, so I found myself pouring another one as I settled down to get some work done. 

Kickstart coffee - coffee and laptopExperts say that caffeine can help you stay alert and sharp while working.


I then tried to put some cream into my third cup of the day as I finished up some work during the afternoon. 

Kickstart coffee - coffee and work

Brewed Awakening is just what you need on an uneventful day, like rest days. The next day, there was nothing to do, so I decided to catch up on some reading. Fall of Giants has been lying untouched on my table for months and I finally found the time to resume reading. A mug of Kickstart coffee is just what I needed to get through the chapters.

Kickstart coffee - coffee and book

Made from premium Arabica coffee, its distinct taste will make you not want to go back to the usual coffee you’ve been drinking. I would say it’s addicting–in a good way. You’re going to have more appreciation for locally grown, hand-picked, and roasted coffee beans. To quote the company, “life is too short to drink bad coffee.”

Kickstart coffee - coffee and cookies

My experience with Kickstart Coffee is an awesome one. I don’t think I’ll be buying packs of 3-in-1 instant coffees anytime soon because drinking coffee needs to be more than that. It must be an experience. It needs to be something that you share with good company and lets you enjoy activities like reading, eating, and conversing with friends.

Its packaging summarize the whole experience best: you’ve earned it.


About Silca Coffee Roasting Company Inc.

Silca Coffee is a family-owned business that’s been around for more than 35 years. Based in Silang, Cavite, Silca Coffee has been a driving force in helping local coffee farmers and traders whom it’s known since the 70s.  

Coffee beans are roasted in small batches at their facilities in Silang, Cavite by an expert Master Roaster. Each step in the production process is meticulously observed to ensure the premium quality of their coffee beans. The heat-sealed foil packs protects the beans fro oxygen, moisture, and UV light to ensure they maintain the natural flavor, aroma, and freshness.

Each pack of coffee weighs 400 grams and you can choose from ground and whole beans.



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KickStart Coffee – Perk up and Enjoy Your Day Because You’ve Earned It!