The Keybie Cafe: Cuteness Overload Coming Your Way!

Who isn’t up for cute stuff? Obsessing over fandoms is one thing, but seeing them chibi-fied is a whole new level of amazingness!

The Keybie Cafe started out as a fangirly love for certain characters. Conventions weren’t as big as they are now when they started, and Internet was too slow to even consider online shopping, so they decided to make their own ‘merch’ for themselves. The small business became a huge success for geeks and people who just love cute trinkets. Now, they have a wide range of designs and products you can gush over.


Aldub fans, anyone?

Being a trend back in the early 2000s, paper clay was the main material the creative peeps from The Keybie Cafe used to whip up a few simple designs on card stock. Eventually, they started commissioning for favourite characters and the handmade charms were born.

A play on ‘chibi’ and ‘keychains’, The Keybie Cafe was born in 2007.

I’m a sucker for adorable, geeky stuff, so just imagine the glee in my eyes when I found them. From anime to pop culture, they have something for everyone. They go to great lengths just to achieve their character designs with precision, and giving them a revamped, chibi-fied look.

They sell keybies in small, medium and large sizes to be used as cellphone straps, keychain rings, bookmarks and dustplugs. They also sell their designs on mugs (Php180), mini-pens (Php20) and stickers (starts from Php3). Their bestsellers differ with each trend, but some designs like PewDiePie and One Piece keybies are often popular.

Keybie bookmark

This is amazing for someone like me who loves to splurge on fandom-themed items since they are very affordable and of high quality.

They also customize anime or game characters, logos, pets or celebrities, and original characters into Keybie versions, making them perfect gifts for your friends or even yourself! They only require a minimum of two weeks to process custom orders, from the design to the actual keybie production.


Plus, they are super friendly, especially when it comes to helping you get the keybie results that you want. From the pegs to the sketching and conceptualising, these small tokens are done with a lot of effort and creativity. They may look effortless and simple, but just imagine the amount of passion poured into your cute keybies!

They are also the only ones who do these kinds of items and the keybies are made using scrap paper materials, making them sustainable. They’re also pretty durable – customers have shown them years-old keybies that they’ve kept for sentimental reasons, so they are truly some amazing tokens!!!

The Keybie Cafe



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keybiecafe

Twitter/Instagram: @keybiecafe

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