Just Wait: These cold brew coffees come in brewtiful milk box bottles

Cute and eco-friendly!

Bottled coffees are the latest food craze, and it’s no surprise. Coffee is the lifeblood for a lot of us, and the very thing that keeps us going (and functional, if I do say so myself). Thus, many startups, coffee aficionados, and coffee shops have taken to selling online. And although I was able to compile 30 brands that sell bottled coffee, apparently, there were tons more where that came from. Wow!

But with all the coffee brands vying for your attention (and eventual purchase), I think the packaging and appearance also plays a huge part in the selection process with taste at the helm, of course.

And just my luck! I’ve recently discovered a coffee brand that sells its bottled brews in these eye-catching bottles. The name? Just Wait.


By the way, I’m not telling you to wait. That’s really the shop’s name.

Just Wait! Who is Just Wait?

Just Wait is a Mandaluyong-based startup that offers ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. Using a blend of arabica and robusta beans, this shop lets the coffee steep for 24 hours. This gives the coffee a bold and sweet flavor, with what is described as a “woody undertone taste.” And you can choose from 5 flavors: Black, Soy Latte, Wintermelon, Mocha Frappe, and Salty Cream.

Although these drinks do come in 400ml reusable bottles that you can stick your straw in, what really caught my attention was the newest packaging that they unveiled. Yes, I’m talking about the 500 ml acrylic milk box bottles that I’ve been trying to get my hands on for the longest time — the elusive kind being sold online for around PHP 500 and up. And that’s just the empty kind, mind you.


But with Just Wait’s version, you’re not only treated to delicious coffee but the very bottle, too — at PHP 449 to PHP 499 each, depending on which flavor you choose. Now that sounds like a good deal, all right!

How to Order

To order, you can message the store on Instagram. They accept orders from 8 AM to 5 PM, but with a one-day lead time for deliveries. Pick up and delivery on the same day can also be arranged, depending on whether your preferred drink is available. But take note: regardless of whether you’ll be picking your coffee up or having it delivered, Just Wait requires a minimum order of 2 bottles.

And if you’re from Pioneer Woodlands, good news! Just Wait is based at that location, and can deliver your orders free of charge. Now, isn’t that brewtiful news?

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Have you found any places that offer cute packaging? Share them with us!

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