Bring the Coffee Shop Experience to Your Home with These 31 Bottled Brews

Coffee or Tea? For somebody who needs the caffeine buzz to function, I’d pick coffee— no questions asked. That’s why coffee shops work… literally! It’s a place for work meetings, to hang out, or in my case, to write.

But with the new normal underway, staying in a coffee shop seems like a dream. So for those who reminisce about the yesteryears of freshly brewed coffee, I’ve got for you a list of small businesses and shops that offer bottled coffees. And yes, you can enjoy them right at home.

Take a look!

Bring the Coffee Shop Experience to Your Home with These 31 Bottled Brews

31. Common Grounds

IG: @CommonGroundsLGN / FB:

Common Grounds LGN started a few months after the quarantine started. Growing up both from the north and the south, the owner, Harel Paguio, thinks that she is close to the people in both areas. She spent a huge part of her childhood in Bataan, and the rest in Laguna. The pandemic brought a lot of businesses to a halt, heightened the unemployment rate, and drastically changed her lifestyle.

As everyone was bound in their homes, she decided that it was the perfect opportunity to rekindle her friendship with the families she has lost connection with. One of which owns a coffee plantation in Cordillera which was struggling due to all the changes in our economy. They struck up the idea that maybe starting a business in the south to sell their coffee was a great way to help them, and they were more than happy to be the sole supplier to Common Grounds LGN. A few months later, they both supported one another in their growth as a small business—she helped them push their products to the south, and they helped her start a business.

The owner likes to call herself a self-proclaimed coffee addict. She drinks coffee almost daily. There are days where she craves a certain taste more than others. Her friends have different coffee cravings that she catered to before the pandemic. Those different coffee cravings reflected the flavors Common Grounds LGN offers. As of present, they have two kinds of latte, the classic cold brew, Irish cream, French vanilla, and mocha. Theye are in the final stages of formulating a new flavor that will be released soon.

30. Jess & Pat’s

IG: @jessxpats / FB:

An indie and artsy cafe located in Maginhawa, Jess & Pat’s offers bottled coffee-based and special milk drinks. Choose from classics like Americano, Cafe Latte, and Mocha for those who like it old school or their Salted Caramel drink for those who like it sweet. Each bottle goes for PHP 110 for the medium (250ml), and PHP 120 for the large (350ml). On the other hand, their milk drinks come in Strawberry or Mango and are priced at PHP 150 apiece. Do note that this shop is also an avid supporter of the local arts, so expect to see knickknacks aplenty over on their social media accounts, too!

29. Prominent

IG: @prominentmnl / FB:

Beyond comfort food favorites, Prominent is foremost a coffee shop. This specialty shop offers classics like espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. Plus, it even has flavored coffees ranging from caramel, coconut, coconut, and white chocolate. But, the stand-out product? A DIY Milk Bar that includes a 300ml bottle of brewed coffee, and one 500ml milk of your choice. Priced at PHP 480 per set, the flavored milk selection includes Vanilla Cream, Butterball, or Cereal Milk. That way, you can make your very own Kori Kohi at home.

28. Stout Coffee

Website: / IG: @stoutcoffeeph / FB:

A proud advocate of local coffee blends, Stout Coffee offers a wide selection of coffee products. These include coffee beans, ground coffee, cold brew concentrates, and ready-to-drink cold brews, just to name a few. But, for its bottled cold brews, you can choose from Classic Black, Latte, White Mocha, and Vietnamese blend. As for those who are lactose-intolerant, rest easy, since Stout Coffee also has a Cold Brew Soy Latte. Depending on the size, prices range from PHP 110 to PHP 360.

27. Upper Grounds

IG: / FB:

An online shop established just this year, Upper Grounds offers one thing: lattes made with responsibly-sourced local beans. Upper Ground’s blend of bottled brews is made using the Aeropress, a pressurized extraction method that yields concentrated, full-bodied coffee. It’s finished off with a creamy dose of milk to tie things together. This 9 oz. bottled latte is priced at PHP105 apiece, and aims to elevate Philippine coffee to a whole new level.

26. Malolos Brew

IG: @malolosbrew

This Quezon City-based online shop features homemade brews all dolled up in a neat, minimalist design. Its trifecta of flavors includes Iced Black, Iced White, and Iced Mocha. Each bottle is priced at PHP 130, PHP 150, and PHP 160 respectively, and it’s such a steal! This artisan coffee brand is crafted by a husband and wife tag team, and they proudly make each bottle fresh. Thus, the shop’s milky variants can last up to 4 days, while the black coffee has a shelf life of 5 days.

Take note that for every 15 empty bottles (in good condition) that you return, Malolos Brew will send you an Iced White as part of their advocacy to be environmentally-friendly.

25. Cycle Philippines

IG: @cyclephilippines / FB: / Website:

For lazy people such as myself who can’t be bothered to brew coffee every day, Cold Brew concentrates are a godsend. Cycle Coffee’s Cold Brew Concentrate— priced at PHP 400 a bottle— can make up to 7 cups, and depending on how often you have your coffee, this can last you a week (or less). Personalize yours however way you like it— with milk, water, sparkling water, or as the shop says: “pure if you’re hardcore”. The recommended mix includes 2:1 for water to coffee or a 1:1 ratio if you’re going for a latte, but you can always tweak it to suit your taste.

24. Brews Brothers

IG: @brewsbrothersph / FB:

Before anything else, Brews Brothers PH is not to be confused with all the other coffee brands on Instagram that somehow also feature the words “brews” and “brothers”. This shop offers nothing but bottled brews and a wide range at that. These include Original Cold Brew (PHP 140), Cream Cold Brew (PHP 150), Brown Sugar Cold Brew (PHP 160), Vanilla Cold Brew Latte (PHP 160), Caramel Cold Brew Latte (PHP 160), and Mocha (PHP 160). Currently, Brews Brothers can deliver beyond the Metro Manila area in Cainta, Antipolo, and Taytay area, while delivery days are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

23. Brews Cold Brew

IG: @brewscoldbrew / FB:

Brews Cold Brew takes its cold brew seriously, and the extensive selection available is proof of that. Aside from a cold brew concentrate that can last up to 5 servings, this online shop also offers bottled brews. These include Original Black, Original White, Dirty White, and Flavored White— a sweet coffee drink with your choice of Caramel or Hazelnut. Aside from the flavored cold brew, which is priced at PHP 130, all other bottled coffees go for PHP 120 each. Brews Cold Brew delivers only on Mondays and Thursdays, so make sure to send in your orders ahead of time.

22. Cafe Vera

IG: @mycafevera / FB:

Want the coffee shop experience at home or in the office? Cafe Vera has you covered. It offers both Nutella and Ube loaves, milk tea, chilled teas, and of course, freshly-roasted coffee beans, and chilled coffee. Now, the good thing is that these freshly brewed coffees come in large options. This includes 1-liter (PHP 220), 2-liter (PHP 350), and 4-liter (PHP 600) sizes— perfect for the long haul.

21. The Coffee Nomad

IG: @coffeenomadph / FB:

If you enjoy sampling different local coffee blends every week, Coffee Nomad is your best bet. This online coffee shop prides itself on offering bottled coffees made with specialty beans. Plus, they come in glass bottles that you can reuse. Coffee Nomad’s flavors include the classic Cold Brew, Mocha, and au Lait. Each one is carefully made (and made fresh, too), and goes for PHP140, PHP160, and PHP150, respectively. By the way, in order to appreciate the full-bodied flavors, each bottle does not come with sugar. So, if you like it sweet, just add sugar or your choice of sweetener.

20. Arabica Philippines

IG: / FB:

My first experience of Arabica was in Hong Kong, and I’ve fallen in love with its full-bodied, aromatic coffee drinks. Even more so when this coffee shop arrived in the Philippines. But with the quarantine and overall safety being a concern, it’ll take a while before we can hang out in the shop. Thankfully, Arabica brings the coffee experience to you through Grab Express. Arabica’s ready-to-drink beverages include Iced Americano (PHP 150), Iced Spanish Latte (PHP 190), and Iced Cafe Latte PHP 180), and you can even order beans and brew coffee yourself! Just make sure to send your orders in quickly— it gets fully booked fast!

19. The Curator

Website: / IG: @thecurator_ / FB:

A quaint bar nestled among the streets of Makati, The Curator does not just take their cocktails seriously. No, this shop pays special attention to its coffees, too! Currently, The Curator offers its special coffee in ready-to-drink bottles for your enjoyment at home. These include Cold Drip Coffee (PHP 180), Espresso with Water (PHP 140), Espresso with Milk (PHP 200), and Iced Mocha (PHP 200). According to the delivery website, the last call for delivery and pickup is at 4:30 PM, so make sure to send in your orders fast!

18. Coffee Syndicate

IG: @coffee.syndicate / FB:

Finally, something for the Southies! Located in Muntinlupa, Coffee Syndicate now delivers its coffee beans and coffee products. The best part? Its brews now come in ready-to-drink bottles. These include Americano (PHP 150), Cafe Latte (PHP 170), Cuban Latte (PHP 175), Mocha (PHP 180), Cold Brew (PHP 180), and White Brew (PHP 200). Plus, this shop has flavored coffee drinks like Melon Latte (PHP 180) and Matcha Latte (PHP 190)— a real treat if you’re looking for something different.

17. Yardstick

IG: @yardstickcoffee / FB: / Website:

Yardstick calls itself a “coffee company by heart”. This coffee shop features a wide array of coffee products beyond its drinks, such as Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, coffee beans, and grounds. But for bottled coffee, you have the choice of a classic Cold Brew, which goes for PHP 1,200 for 6 bottles (though currently, it’s on sale though for PHP 1,000). On the other hand, if you take your coffee with milk, the Cold Naughty Latte will do you some good. It goes for PHP 200 a bottle, but if you prefer yours with oat milk (aka Oatly), it goes for PHP 250.

16. Momster Kitchen

IG: @momsterkitchenph / FB:

Mom may not always be able to bring you coffee to give you that comfort or jolt you need but Momster is here to save the day. Momster’s bestseller is a true labor of love— the Cold Brew Concentrate— because it takes hours and hours to make. A super flexible beverage, you can drink it as iced cold brew where you douse some of it in water and top it off with ice cubes or as iced cold brew latte where instead of dousing it in water, you can use milk. A 350ml bottle (PHP 195) can make four glasses of iced coffee. It has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks.

15. Makers Cafe

IG: @makerscafeph/ FB:

Making your own cold brew might be something therapeutic for you but for the days when you want to have an ice-cold glass of joe almost instantly, Makers Café got your back. This shop has an amazing cold brew beverage, which was steeped for 16 hours, that can be delivered right at your doorstep. A 300ml bottle of cold brew costs PHP 140. You can get more for less because the cold brew comes in a pack of 4 for PHP 540, pack of 6 for PHP 800, or in a 1-liter container for PHP 1,200.

14. The Brewman

IG: @thebrewmancoffee / FB:

Inspired by the vintage milkman, The Brewman figured, “Hey, why not bring cold brew door to door for everyone’s daily coffee needs.” The pandemic and the resulting lockdown was a perfect opportunity for this store to deliver freshly made cold brew to your doorstep. You can choose from the three cold brew variants and these are Black (PHP 140), White (PHP 140), and Almond (PHP 150). Or maybe, get all three.

13. Firefly

IG: / FB:

Start every single day strong with a cup of great coffee and, Firefly, your friendly neighborhood specialty coffee provider can do that for you. Aside from Cold Brew, Firefly offers two other storable beverages, the Dirty White and the Nite White. Give these a try if you want a change of pace from the usual. Oh, and if you’ve been thinking about starting a cold brew coffee business of your own, you can shoot them a DM and they might be able to help you out with their in-house roasting.

12. Not Bad Coffee Co.

IG: @notbadcoffeeph / FB:

Personally, coffee is always a good idea and it seems like Not Bad Coffee PH is an awesome idea. This shop offers two variants of its brew that comes in 250ml bottles— the simple Cold Brew (PHP 120) and the sophisticated Nitro Cold Brew (PHP 150).

What’s the difference, you ask? The Cold Brew is a special blend that goes through a slow-steeped process in cool water ensuring the best and most flavorful coffee experience. It’s smooth, less acidic, and highly caffeinated. Meanwhile, the Nitro Cold Brew is cold brew infused with nitrogen to deliver a smoother, richer body topped off with foam bubbles similar to your favorite draft beer. The nitrogen bubbles enhance the flavor and aroma of our special blend, ensuring a coffee experience like no other.

11. Dream Wide Awake

IG: @dreamwideawakeph / FB:

Dream Wide Awake is an eco-conscious mobile coffee cart that provides specialty coffee and chocolate beverages in reusable bottles. A must-try is the Benguet Cold Brew made by steeping ground coffee beans overnight in room temperature filtered water. By doing this, the flavor of the beans nicely comes out without exposing them to high temperatures, giving you a smoother, less acidic coffee that’s enjoyable to drink.

10. Missile Brew

IG: @missilebrewph / FB:

Coming in like a wrecking ball, hitting you like missiles, and really waking you up, Missile Brew takes pride in every serving of coffee that they make. This shop uses only high quality 100% single origin Arabica beans for your daily dose of caffeine, which is directly sourced from our local farmers. You can have their plain cold brews delivered— the Black Cold Brew costs PHP 130 and the Hazelnut Cold Brew is priced at PHP 145. Both are available in 350ml bottles.

Want to try something different? Missile Brew also has cold brew with milk available in 350ml bottles. These are White Cold Brew (PHP 145), Cereal Milk (PHP 150), and Milk and Honey (PHP 150). There’s an option to change to almond milk with an additional cost of PHP 75 per bottle.

9. Nine Three Cafe

IG: @ninethreecoffeeph / FB:

Tucked somewhere in the middle of bustling Quezon City, Nine Three is a homey neighborhood coffee that claims “where our community is just as cared for as the coffee we serve.” Unfortunately, no dine-in orders are entertained but you can still get their cold brew and milk brew delivered. The Cold Brew is available in 500ml bottle and a pack of 4 costs PHP 850. The unique Milk Brew isn’t just regular cold brew with a splash of milk but it’s actually coffee steeped overnight in milk instead of water. This creamy brew is available in a 250ml bottle at PHP 180.

8. Grounds Manila Beanery

IG: @groundsmanilabeanery / FB:

Known for coffee beans, Grounds Manila Beanery does coffee right and also lets you enjoy freshly made brews at the comforts of your own home. You can indulge in every brew in solitude or have a mini coffee party with the family. The Original White Brew, which is espresso with milk, costs PHP 120. Try also the new white brew flavors— cause you can still enjoy your coffee while watching your calorie intake. Aside from the Original White Brew, other flavors are Mocha, Caramel, Almond, and Soy.

7. Latitude Bean + Bar

IG: @latitudebeanbar / FB:

For a quick caffeine fix without having to leave your home, Latitude Bean + Bar can do the trick for you— blending only topnotch coffee beans from Brazil and Vietnam. Get the bestsellers such as the Malate (PHP 165) and Mocha (PHP 165) delivered at home. The shop also sells Cold Brew at PHP 200. Now, if you want something non-coffee-based, the store offers bottled Matcha (PHP 165) and Chai (PHP 165) too. All these drinks are available in 300ml bottles. Go bigger and get them in 500ml bottles.

6. Cole & Co. Specialty Coffee

IG: @colespecialtycoffee / FB:

Coffee is awesome on its own, but package it with dessert and you have a match made in heaven. Cole & Co. just released coffee and dessert bundles so you don’t have to feel lonely just drinking coffee. The shop has properly curated your options— Bundle 1 comes with 2 bottles of coffee and 2 white choco cranberry macadamia cookies (PHP 360), Bundle 2 comes with 3 bottles of coffee and 4 white choco cranberry macadamia cookies (PHP 580), Bundle 3 comes with 3 bottles of coffee and 1 banana choco walnut loaf with cream cheese filling (PHP 680), and Bundle 4 comes with a sampler kit (8 bottles) and 1 banana choco walnut loaf with cream cheese filling (PHP 1,300).

5. Lew’s Cold Brew

IG: @lewscoldbrew / FB:

Drinking coffee is great but how about free coffee? Lew’s Cold Brew will reward you if you do your part in caring for the environment. It seems that this shop’s goal is to keep the world cleaner and buzzed with caffeine, one coffee bottle at a time. The shop has a Bottle Return Program such that for every 11th bottle you return, you will get 1 liter of cold brew concentrate for free. That’s a sweet deal sans sugar. Thinking of what to get? The shop has an on-the-go series of coffee available in 250ml bottle that includes Black Concentrate (PHP 110), Original Milk – Sweetened (PHP 120), Lew’s Latte (120), Caramel (PHP 150), Special White (PHP 150), and Holiday Mocha (PHP 150). Oh, the 1-liter cold brew concentrate called Black Concentrate that you can get for free is priced at PHP 433.

4. White Camp Coffee & Kitchen

IG: @whitecampcoffee / FB:

We still can’t go out there but that doesn’t mean we can’t go on big adventures. White Camp Coffee & Kitchen is a specialty coffee shop that takes it a step further by making every coffee experience an adventure through top-grade beverages paired with Asian- inspired food favorites. Get cold brews delivered— Cold Brew Coffee (PHP 150) and Cold Brew Coffee + Milk (PHP 160). You can also have their hearty noshes such as rice meals and pasta delivered to pair with your drinks.

3. Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea

IG: / FB:

How do you make cold brew coffee even better? Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea does it right by infusing nitrogen gas into the cold brew through a pressurized valve. Doing this makes the slow-steeped smooth coffee taste even better. Although Nitro 7 has several branches that have already reopened in the metro, you can still opt to get a cold brew coffee kit delivered at the safety of your home. The Nitro 7 Cold Brew Kit is priced at PHP 890. The package comes with 2 Nitro 7 Signature Black Cold Brew Coffee Bottles and 2 Nitro 7 coffee mix-ins of your choice.

2. Blanc Coffee

IG: @blanccoffeeph / FB:

You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate with coffee but you can always turn an average day into a celebration with the right brew, and this is where Blanc Coffee comes in. This store carries cold brews, coffee drips, and espresso-based beverages, which can give you the right caffeine buzz to get you party-ready.

1. Pedal Cafe

IG: @pedalcafeph / FB:


Pedal Cafe knows how to make having coffee at home even better, and this shop does this quick with same-day delivery in the metro. Get a taste of the bestsellers such as Cafe Americano (PHP 120), Miss Saigon (130), Spanish Latte (PHP 130), and Mocha (PHP 120). There’s also a bit of good news for those down south because Pedal Cafe’s Coffee at Home selection will be available in Cavite City.

Know anyone else who offers ready-to-drink coffee? Let us know in the comments!

(Cover Photo from Latitude Bean + Bar, Cycle Philippines, Brews Brothers PH, and Malolos Brew)

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