LOOK: This reusable confetti cup changes color with every drink!

I love color-changing stuff. There’s just that extra layer of whimsy that I adore about it. When things go from one color to the next when introduced to different temperatures or variables, I’m so happy.

Which is why when I saw these reusable confetti cups from Starbucks, I squealed in delight. Apparently, if you fill them with a cold drink, the little specks of confetti (which are invisible at first) become colorful. They make your cup look like a party–and it’s the absolute cutest thing ever.


It’s almost mesmerizing watching all those colors light up. Temperature-induced color changes are always fascinating to me, even those cute little mugs that reveal some words or a secret message when you pour hot tea or coffee in them. They are definitely up my alley (so if you wanted to get me a gift, ehem).

You can cop these cups for PHP 195. Let’s match.

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