Juju Eats: Healthy Salad Place in Manila


For people who know more about their food or are already familiar with Juju Eats’ toppings and ingredients, then by all means go DIY and come up with your own masterpiece! However, for people like me who know little when it comes to cooking, you can’t go wrong with one of Juju Eat’s pre-designed salads! These are just some of the tasty choices Juju Eats has to offer. The mere sight of it is already appetizing, don’t you think? The mishmash of different vegetables, meat, beans and dressings; the beautiful and radiant green and purple colors – everything just looks gooooood!

Don’t get me wrong though, the choices at Juju Eats aren’t necessarily low calorie meals, but they’re definitely healthy. As Chief Juju Kat shares, it’s not really about removing things but changing proportions and keeping flavors. What people want at the end of the day is just a healthy way to satisfy cravings.


Juju Eats: Healthy Menu


Juju Eats Cafe 6


When ordering, you can pick to have a regular salad, a half salad, or a wrap. I was honestly already stuffed with just the half salad, but you can’t go wrong with the regular sized. Each of us ordered a different salad, I swear it was not easy to choose! I however ended up with the Inasal Salad.

Juju Eats Cafe 7Juju Eats: Inasal Salad (Regular P185, Half P135, Wrap P135)


The Inasal Salad contains pork inasal, green mango, feta cheese, cherry tomato, red onion, hard boiled egg and balayan dressing. This salad had a sweet/sour taste to it. Besides the meat, I especially liked the green mangoes mixed in with the red onions and balayan sauce. If you’ve had a green mango salad before, this actually tasted almost like it!


Ivy on the other hand tried the spicy Ay Caramba!

Juju Eats Cafe 8Juju Eats: Ay Caramba! (Regular P205, half P145, wrap P145)


Ay Caramba contains grilled chicken, nacho chips, roasted red pepper, pickled jalapeno, red kidney beans, corn, grated cheddar,salsa and Ay Caramba! dressing.  This meal is SPICY and good. Ivy and I actually described it as a Taco Salad. It tasted just like the fixings in a taco sandwich except without the taco. Yum!


While Ivy and I enjoyed the unique choices, Philippe decided to stick to the classic Caesar Salad.

Juju Eats Cafe 10Juju Eats: Chicken Caesar (Regular P275, half P175, wrap P175)


The Chicken Caesar contains romaine, grilled chicken, parmesan, bacon, herb croutons and caesar dressing. Though Juju Eats’ version is similar to the classic Caesar Salad, Philippe described it to be one of the best he’s had. The salad was so filling that he felt so full after eating a regular order of it. Now that’s a healthy meal!


Juju Eats Cafe 9Juju Eats: Crispy Catfish (Regular P230, Half P145, Wrap P145)


Ms. Kat was actually the one who ordered the Crispy Catfish and shared that it was her absolute favorite. The Crispy Catfish contains house mix, crispy catfish, green mango, cilantro, green papaya, cashew nuts, red onion, basil and nam pla dressing. I got to taste a little of the crispy catfish and what stood out for me was the texture. The crispy catfish combined soft green mangoes and chewy cashew nuts was an adventure to chew. All the textures mixed in with the delicious nam pla dressing makes this salad a must-try in my book.


For those who want to try eating salad differently, you could try ordering a wrap. Besides adding a twist to your salad, this is also perfect for those who just want to grab their salad and go. We tried having the Big Boy for our wrap.

Juju Eats Cafe 12Juju Eats: Big Boy Wrap (P230)

 The Big Boy Salad/Wrap consists of romaine, grilled chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, sun dried tomato, grated cheddar, red kidney beans,roasted red pepper and french dressing. I love the salad version of the Big Boy especially because of all the meat. This is one of the heaviest salads they have at Juju Eats. The wrap version however was not bad either. It was like I was having a healthy version of a Zinger.


Juju Eats: Drinks Menu

Of course, a restaurant wouldn’t be complete without some healthy drinks as well. Juju Eats offers smaller versions of the juices they use for the Juju Cleanse, but besides that, they’ve also come up with their own healthy sodas.

Juju Eats Cafe 23Juju Cleanse Juices available at Juju Eats


I absolutely loved the juices for the Juju Cleanse, I’ve actually tried the Pineapple Chia (not in this picture) which is now my FAVORITE. Not only was the pineapple juice itself sweet and good, but the chia seeds inside added to the texture. It’s like my juice had tapioca in it!


Juju Eats Cafe 14Juju Eats very own soda juices


Juju Eats has 2 flavors for their soda, there’s the ginger soda, lemon soda and grapefruit soda. At first, it felt a bit weird for me to have these flavors in a soda form. However, the taste does grow on you and you grow to love it. Ivy really enjoyed her ginger soda while I preferred the lemon.


And then there’s the coffee. You can’t go wrong with coffee! Juju Eats partnered with Kick Start coffee in order to provide customers with premium freshly roasted coffee made from quality beans. A portion of every coffee purchase made goes directly to the coffee farmers at Silang Cavite.


Juju Eats Cafe 17Juju Eats: Kick Start Coffee


 I’ve gone back to Juju Eats several times already after this visit. Their veggies and salads are just so fresh and delicious. I strongly suggest you all to visit Juju Eats today. You’ll fall in love with their salads!


After your healthy meal, why not give your body a royal treatment by visiting Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa in C. Palanca, Makati City.


P.S. Juju Eats delivers through City Delivery for a minimum purchase of 300Php. Call City Delivery at 8787878 now and start that healthy lifestyle.


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