Juju Eats: Healthy Salad Place in Manila

When In Manila, we all want to stay fit and strong without  missing out on all the delicious food. Well, who says you need to sacrifice flavor for health? Visit Juju Eats and get to taste the healthiest and most appetizing salads around!


Just recently, I started becoming more conscious of the things I eat. Besides wanting to cut down on the calories, I also began realizing just how unhealthy most restaurants around us are. Slowly, I started cutting back and buying fresh veggies from the grocery store for lunch and dinner. It was the healthy option, but it wasn’t exactly the tastiest. To stay healthy, I was sacrificing flavor – not something I was too thrilled about. Which is why I was so glad to hear about this new healthy salad place in Manila called Juju Eats; the country’s first dedicated salad joint.


Juju Eats Cafe

This salad place’s design is really simple but very eye-catching. The designs were actually done by the owners themselves. Juju Eats is located along Pasong Tamo Extension and is close to several offices, schools, call centers, etc. I figured going here on a weekend meant there would be less people but boy was I wrong. The place was full! Customers all lined up to have their healthy meal while the waiters and staff made sure that everyone was comfortable and getting their orders as quickly as possible.

 Juju Eats Cafe 32Juju Eats: Healthy Salad Place in Manila Sneak Peek


Juju Eats Cafe 33Juju Eats: Healthy Salad Place in Manila has customers all lined up


Juju Eats Cafe 4 Juju Eats Cafe 3

 Juju Eats: Healthy Salad Place in Manila’s waiters and waitresses busy at work


I visited Juju Eats with fellow writers/photographers Ivica Say and Philippe Villareal a few weeks ago. We met Chief Juju Kat Azanza who was such a delight to be with! I think this was the first time we stayed at a restaurant for over 4 hours just chatting with the owner. Thanks Ms. Kat for the hospitality and all the wonderful stories, you definitely made our lunch all the more worthwhile.




From Juju Cleanse to Juju Eats

Juju Eats opened just this 2013, 3 years after the company launched Juju Cleanse (2010). To those unfamiliar, Juju Cleanse is a no fuss, all benefits approach to juice fasting.  After its success, they decided to add food to the menu as a way to help those who’ve completed the cleanse continue a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the birth of Juju Eats. (Writer, Ivica Say will soon do the Juju Cleanse and share her experience with you in a few weeks! #CheerForIvy)



Juju Eats: Healthy Salad of Your Choice

When we crave for something healthy like a salad, we either buy the ingredients/veggies separately at the grocery or find a restaurant that serves some on the side. Juju Eats is the country’s first dedicated salad joint that offers healthy salads with flavor!  This healthy salad place has over 11 pre-designed salad options to choose from, all of which have their own unique taste and dressing. However, if you have something else in mind, then feel free to create your own. Juju Eats has over 50 toppings and dressings which enable customers to try around 5,000 different combinations! WOW! 




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