Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa, Getting the Royal Treatment

When In Manila and feeling tired or stressed, there’s no better place to go then to a spa. But don’t just go to ANY spa, check out Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa in C. Palanca St., Makati and get the royal treatment you deserve.

Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa in C. Palanca, Makati first opened last September 6 along Palanca Street. I witnessed Dutchess being constructed and saw the empty worn down lot turn into a beautiful spa. Even before entering Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa, you’d already be lured in by the very clean and fancy looking exterior.


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 0Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa

Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was the very elegant display. The chairs, the table, the mirror, and even the choice of colors made me feel like I really was a duchess entering her castle. The next thing I noticed was Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa‘s peppermint scent and the beautiful instrumental music in the background. Just staying inside the spa already made me feel relaxed.

Dutchess_Haven_Nail_Salon_and_Spa_03Relaxing Spa in  Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa’s “lobby” area


We soon met Dutchess Haven Spa Palanca, Makati’s owner Mr. David Comes who showed us around. Dutchess Haven Spa actually has several branches across the country, but their branch in C. Palanca St., Makati is the largest! It’s actually 280 sq. meters big! wow! Let me try and show you around this relaxing spa as well. The pictures are nice but I swear you have to see this relaxing spa in Makati yourself and experience the royal treatment!


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 8Relaxing Spa in C. Palanca, Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Private/ Couple’s area


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 31Relaxing Spa in Makati:Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Group area – perfect for the barkada!


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 32Doesn’t the mere sight of this place make you feel like royalty?


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 33Even their bathrooms make me feel like royalty! Ahh, the royal treatment at Dutchess Haven!


Dutchess Haven Spa in Palanca, Makati is spacious enough to be ideal for groups, from a small barkada to a company outing. A lot of the ‘pamper areas’ are communal, meaning they are open and shared. While this is great for socializing, those who value their privacy or would like a quieter setting could go for the luxurious and comfortable VIP rooms.  The VIP room was a treat for us as most nail salons and spas don’t usually have this for simple procedures. However, the facial area is a common one, so take note.


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 34Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 35The hallways of Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa – it looks small on the outside but very big on the inside


Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 36Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa’s massage area! The lights in this room were also dimmer for total comfort! Just another day in the life of royalty!

Doesn’t the place just look so fancy and neat? Besides the wonderful interior and set up of the place, we also got a royal treatment thanks to the very friendly and attentive staff of Ducthess Haven Makati. They definitely made our stay at Dutchess 10x more relaxing and memorable. Customers are also given some tea or coffee and a plate of cookies while you wait, or while they pamper you. This is the first nail salon I’ve been to that does this. Absolutely loving the royal treatment here.

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