Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa, Getting the Royal Treatment

Sit back and relax while enjoying the luxurious French-inspired interiors. Indulge in their collection of services that aim to pamper and spoil, providing a relaxing experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa’s Services

Dutchess Haven offers a variety of services that range from a simple manicure and pedicure, to a facial or massage and even to an IPL treatment or face tattoo. For our first visit, the team tried some of the best and we definitely ENJOYED it. I personally had such a good time that I went back a for a second time just last week to try even more!

Relaxing Spa in Makati: Footspa and Pedicure at Dutchess Haven (Palanca, Makati)

Jason Cruz and Philippe Villareal tried getting their first foot spa and pedicure at Dutchess Haven. They were hesitant at first as they felt this wasn’t really something guys would do. However, after their relaxing experience at Dutchess Haven in Palanca, Makati, I’m sure they’d be glad to go back.

Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 13

“The service is comfortable enough that I fell asleep during the session (I had a foot massage) despite being in a communal area.The staff are friendly and accommodating as well. The only facility I found wanting was the bathroom; having one is probably not enough,” shares Jason.

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I also tried the foot spa and pedicure myself. The one thing that I continuously tell people to date was how gentle the manicurist’s hands were! She was so gentle in handling my feet. I was waiting to feel a small prick (as I usually do in other nail spas) but I never felt a thing. I was surprised that in a few minutes, she was done!

Relaxing Spa in Makati: Footspa and Pedicure at Dutchess Haven (Palanca, Makati) as shared by writer Ivica Say

Dutchess_Haven_Nail_Salon_and_Spa_06Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Foot Spa and Pedicure


As told by Ivica…

“After a long day walk, I would recommend Dutchess Haven’s Spa Pedicure to bring your feet back to its relaxed condition. The service will start with a foot scrub, followed by pedicure, then the foot massage.
During the foot scrub, the “ate” made sure that my entire feet was scrubbed thoroughly before she proceeded to wash and put the minty spa cream. How she scrubbed my feet was very thorough yet light, which I really prefer. I even touched my skin, and it was softer and smoother after. That was the start of my relaxed feeling.
I have loved having pedicures! I would always go for alternating bright colors because I find them fun and attractive. At Dutchess Haven, was the first time I refused to have my toenails colored. Why? Because I was so happy to see my toenails cleaned so well! The entire time “ate” was cleaning my toenails, I was waiting for the moment I would feel pain or pressure, and it really surprised me that she finished doing my nails without me feeling any pain at all! In other words, I commend “Ate” for having light hands or in Filipino, “Magaan ang kamay nya”!  My toenails looked so fresh, clean and happy!”
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“And the foot massage, WOW! I have tried having foot massage in other nail spas, and only at Dutchess Haven, Makati that I got distracted with my “chikka” because I was feeling very relaxed and I needed to ask what she was doing! I was very relaxed to the point that I didn’t want it to end anymore. I would gladly go back and have my foot massage over and over again! 
I love the music on loop at Dutchess Haven. It added to the relaxing vibe the whole spa gives. This is what all spa’s should have, the relaxing feel it gives the moment you enter the place and the continued feeling it feeds during your whole stay, which I definitely felt at Dutchess Haven, Makati!”
We originally asked the manicurists to put color on our nails, but after we saw how clean our nails turned out, we felt it was unnecessary to add any color. They did such a good job!
 Relaxing Spa in Makati: Foot Reflexology and Full Leg Waxing at Dutchess Haven (Palanca, Makati) as shared by writer Nikko Panti
At Dutchess Haven, you will be treated like royalty! I had the Foot Reflexology which uses a specific kind of stick, which they call Thai Stick, to press stress points on your foot. And, I must say it was truly relaxing! I felt like I was ready to conquer and climb a mountain after the foot massage. The complimentary back massage, was also awesome!
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 Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Foot Reflexology  (P500)
Another service that Nikko tried was the full leg waxing, I didn’t feel any pain that I felt sleepy midway of the waxing procedure. Not to mention that it is affordable! If you want to indulge yourself after a heavy workload, Dutchess Haven Spa in Makati is the perfect place to go to.
Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 21Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Full Leg Wax (P700)
Relaxing Spa in Makati: Back Cleaning with Mask Body Scrub and Ear Candling at Dutchess Haven (Palanca, Makati) as shared by writer Cheryl Golangco
I’m not an oily person and I don’t often get pimples, but when I do, it annoys me to pieces. Besides the usual reason that it looks ugly, I don’t like the pimples ‘coz they hurt and itch, especially the ones I get on my back as a result of exercise. I never knew there was such a thing as Back Cleaning until now. I immediately grabbed the opportunity and went for it. The procedure is basically the same as getting a facial, only to your back. Two people attended to me and were very gentle and friendly throughout the procedure. They would always inform me before doing anything, and ask me in the middle if I’m still okay. Customer care at its finest.
Dutchess_Haven_Nail_Salon_and_Spa_07Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Back Cleaning with Mask (P 980)
 The ear candling on the other hand at Dutchess Haven Spa was a very new and relaxing experience for me. They placed a candle in my ear which was supposed to suck out all the wax from way down. I could actually hear the candle slowly burning while it was in my ear! The procedure was done in a few minutes. The attendants opened the rolled-up paper from the candle to show me all the wax that was collected from my ears. It was surprisingly a lot and very yucky!
Dutchess Spa Palanca Makati 25Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa Ear Candling (P400)

 Relaxing Spa in Makati: Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa

Out of all the spas I’ve been to, Dutchess Haven Spa has slowly grown to be one of my favorites. From the eye-catching exterior and interior, to the quality services and friendly staff, Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa in Makati definitely tops the list of the most relaxing spas in Makati for me!


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Relaxing Spa in Makati:

Dutchess Haven Nail Salon and Spa


Twitter: DutchessPalanca

Palanca Branch (Makati)

Ground Floor, Local 1 OPL Building

100 Palanca cor. Dela Rosa St.

Makati, City

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