Juice Jab: Drink Your Way to Healthy by Going on a Juicing Program

Juice Jab: Drink Your Way to Healthy by Going on a Juicing Program


When in Manila, you will notice that more and more people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. And I don’t blame them. As we go about our daily routine, we immediately discover that we’re moving and working nonstop! But try to step back and look at your life and you will realize that with all the unhealthy food we eat, the terrible air we breathe and the busy environment we work in, there is just so much toxicity in our lives!

Think about this: for an average person, it takes about 18 hours to digest the food we eat in one meal. Multiply that by 3, plus the snacks we eat — you don’t even have to be a math genius to figure out that our digestive system is working 24 hours non stop! That’s where Juice Jab comes in. All of us, no matter what you eat, can certainly benefit from juicing and drink our way to healthy by going on a juice jab juicing program. It’s a great way to give your bodies a break without taking away the benefits of taking in all things nutritious. 


 Strong Jab – First Order – PHP 4,700

Second Order – PHP 4,500


Juice Jab started because of a passion to share a love and deep understanding of the benefits of juicing and the desire to educate others of how they can benefit from this practice. It is their years of personal juicing experience that has led them to come up with recipes that are packed with nutrition and can benefit even the most skeptical.

Their juices are made fresh from local fruits and vegetables sourced and made just in time for every clients juicing. Because just as it is good to take a break from the busy daily grind, so do our bodies need a break from all the toxins that our bodies take in daily. 


Juice Jab has 3 simple programs: The Mild Jab, The Moderate Jab and The Strong Jab. The Mild Jab asks that you replace one meal with 2 juice bottles for 3 consecutive days. The Moderate Jab asks that you replace 2 meals a day with 2 juice bottles and of course, 3 meals a day will have to be replaced with 2 juice bottles for 3 consecutive days when you’re doing the Strong Jab. Pretty Basic.

Decide which one you can do. Of course, for those of you who want to give this a go for the first time, I’d highly recommend starting with the Mild Jab and work your way to the strongest Jab when you feel your body is ready to go without meals for 3 consecutive days. 


Because I already did a religious fast at the beginning of the year and would like to think that I do live a balanced and healthy lifestyle by constantly going to the boxing gym and doing other outdoor activities, I felt that I could give the second month of the year a go at the Strong Jab. I knew my week was going to be packed with work that was going to be physically draining and yet I felt like if I could survive 3 days with just these juices, then it could still be beneficial to my own body to balance out my crazy, toxic schedule with these healthy and nutritious drinks.

My package arrived just before the day I wanted to begin the Strong Jab program, it arrived in this cute insulated tote bag that conveniently carried 6 juices and ice packs to keep my juices cold and fresh throughout the day and true enough, I brought this bag with me when I headed out to shoot a clients wedding on the first day of the program and even my juices for the night stayed cool and fresh. 


The following 500ml Single Jabs made up my Strong Jab:

1: Gold Strike – Cayenne, Honey, Lemon, Water
2: Emerald Punch – Celery, Ginger, Pineapple, Spinach
3: Ruby Hook – Beet, Carrot, Cucumber
4: Topaz Swing – Apple, Cucumber, Melon
5: Amber Power – Apple, Carrot, Ginger
6: Jade Jab – Celery, Cucumber

I must say, drinking two 500ml bottles per meal is actually very filling. I found myself drinking the 2 bottles at around 30 minute intervals as I couldn’t drink both all in one go. My personal favorites were the Ruby Hook, Topaz Swing and Amber Power.

The first day was the hardest as I didn’t get to ease in to the diet prior to starting the program. I would recommend that you do lessen your food intake, perhaps take only fruits and vegetables maybe 2 days before the program so that your body doesn’t crave for food so much throughout the program. I was able to get through the first day but got really hungry when the night came so I did grab an order of dumplings before heading home.

My second day was a breeze until my client suggested one of my favorite restaurants for lunch after our shoot and so I happily took that as a sign that I should eat lunch at this particular restaurant. The 3rd day proved to be the most successful as I didn’t eat anything but just had the juices to replace my meals and was even able to go to the boxing gym without even wanting to pass out as I would imagine I would after not eating 3 meals a day for 3 consecutive days. 

Like clockwork, my Post Jab Jolts also arrived on the last day of my Strong Jab program. Jab jolts are 200ml juice bottles that you can drink along with your meals once your 3 day program is through. It again comes in these smaller totes that you can carry with you should you have a busy day ahead. 


Jab Jolts – First Order – PHP 1,100

Second Order – PHP 900   


The following 250 ml Single Jabs make up my Post-Jab Jolt:

Meal 1: Peridot Kick – Apple, Celery, Spinach
Meal 2: Quartz Beat – Melon, Orange, Romaine
Meal 3: Pearl Drive – Cashew, Cinnamon, Water

Their Pearl drive is one of their most popular drinks and I can certainly see (or in this case, taste) why. It immediately became my ultimate favorite too so you might want to include this particular drink for your program. It felt good to have these drinks after each meal. I felt like it certainly added to my sometimes non-nutritious meals.

You can find the rest of their pricing here: https://www.juicejab.com/pricing/


Overall, I would certainly recommend Juice Jab about once a month or if that seems a bit too much for you, you may want to consider doing this quarterly. I wouldn’t feel too bad if you, like myself, would find yourself eating while doing the program, especially the Strong Jab, because you know your body best, so if you do feel like you’re about to pass out or your stomach is doing funny things, then don’t hesitate to grab a quick bite. I would, of course, not recommend that you binge or eat excessively or eat anything unhealthy but only eat if you really can’t seem to go on without a meal because then you really wouldn’t reap the benefits of juicing if you do keep eating throughout the program.

Note: Before starting this juice cleanse, do make sure you consult your physician, especially if you have a medical condition like ulcer or diabetes. Don’t participate as well if you’re pregnant or nursing. These juices are also NOT a substitute for medical diagnoses or treatment.

So, When In Manila, drink your way to healthy by going on a Juice Jab Program. Think of this a a time for a clean and healthy break for your body – a time for tuning up, if you will. You can expect to start feeling healthier and rejuvenated on the inside and look radiant and fresh on the outside and soon, you will also find your body working at it’s optimal level and I do not doubt that you will reap the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.



Juice Jab


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Juice Jab: Drink Your Way to Healthy by Going on a Juicing Program