Bikram Yoga Makati: The Perfect 90-Minute DeTox

Bikram Yoga Makati: The Perfect 90-Minute DeTox


When in Manila, know thyself. 

Concentrate, Meditate and Relax. We live in a very busy city, which has a lot of things going on: Government, Parties, School, Work, Traffic, Malls and yes even Junk. But in the middle of that chaos, we can have some real space for peace and quiet in several ways. And one of them is Bikram Yoga. 

“Its a nice workout after a day’s work” – Vanessa one of Bikram Yoga’s member already on her  6th month.

Bikram Yoga is a series of  26 postures  done in a heated room for 90 minutes.  It was  selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga.


photo by

Bikram Yoga Makati

With Me is Olay Aninion, owner of Bikram Yoga Makati

According to the proprietor Olay Aninion, Bikram yoga has a lot of benefits. It is detoxifying, relaxing and rejuvenating.  She said that doing Bikram supplies fresh oxygen to your bloodstreams and organs, as well, thus making the body function better as a whole. Also, the heat of the room prepares us for the practice, so we can really get into the deep stretch of the session.

As for my experience, I say this one cures and avoids back pain for those of us sitting the whole day in our offices and it is also relaxing for the ones who have an active lifestyle. Yes, I felt the difference after just one practice.   

Bikram Yoga Makati

(Special Thanks to Jane of Bikram Yoga Makati for using my camera to take photos while I enjoyed the session)


What to Wear at Bikram Yoga Makati

Please do take note that when going to one of their sessions, wearing non-cotton material is most beneficial, so as not to weigh you down during the practice. The heated room is around 105°F (≈ 40.6°C) with a humidity of 40%, after all.

Bikram Yoga Makati protects the privacy of each individual in their studio, too, so you are sure to have non-judging classmates around you at all times. There is no reason to hesitate, even if you are a first-timer like me. 

We aim not to offend any practitioner from the photos taken, but if any please just let us know. 

Bikram Yoga Makati

Standing Bow Pose

Bikram Yoga Makati is the corporate center of Bikram Yoga. It was the first to open in the country 8 years ago. Olay, the entrepreneur, has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 5 years now, but this is her first year to have the business under her management.

Bikram Yoga Makati

Triangle Pose

Here’s my experience as a first-timer at Bikram Yoga Makati:

1. I felt more flexible – This is because the room was heated up to relax our muscles. We were thus able to do the postures very comfortably.

2. It is the most difficult during the first few minutes, but once you get into the breathing, you will instantly feel the effects of each posture.

3.  Everyone was so nice and encouraging. It is also a non-judgemental place. Confidence is boosted with the outfits! 

4. The energy of the room is undeniable, even if it is quiet. When you get tired, the class will have the energy to hold you up. But it is okay to stop and rest for a couple of poses if you feel dizzy at any point.

5. 90-minutes felt like 20 minutes. It is fast-paced and the next thing you know, it’s done.

My camera was able to clear up the steam in the room, but if you look closely on the photo below, you will notice some drips of the steam.

Bikram Yoga Makati

Toe Stand


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