Juice Cleansing: What to Expect when going on a Juice Cleanse

When In Manila, more and more people are beginning to live a healthier lifestyle and making better choices when it comes to the food they eat and the things they do. One popular and healthy trend a lot of people are doing today is the juice cleanse.

I highly recommend everyone, especially my friends to try going on a 3-day juice cleanse to somehow restart your system and flush away all the toxins inside. The more “intoxicated” it is, the more often or longer I suggest you go on this cleanse. So far, I’ve tried the Detoxify Bar juice cleanse twice and it has never disappointed me. However, a lot of people have misconceptions about juice cleansing. Here are some tips on what you can expect when you do a juice cleanse!

Juice-cleanse-at-detoxify-bar-03Juice Cleansing While Working Out with Detoxify Bar

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

I highly recommend each of you to try going on Detoxify Bar’s juice cleanse if you want to start living healthier, but please bare in mind that juice cleansing isn’t specifically going to make you lose weight. I’ve heard some people complain that they went on various juice cleanses but did not lose a single pound. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but juice cleansing won’t really affect your weight that much – unless you do it for more than a week I guess. Some people are lucky enough to shed some weight but the primary goal should always be to simply live healthier.

Juice-cleanse-at-detoxify-bar-01Juice Cleansing While Working Out with Detoxify Bar


I feel Light Headed and Dizzy

A few weeks ago, I overheard 2 ladies talking inside Detoxify Bar. The 1st lady was insisting that she and her friend try going on the 3-day juice cleanse. The 2nd lady however resisted and said she cannot afford to feel light headed and dizzy with her work. I wanted to interrupt their conversation and explain that this need not be the case.

When going on a juice cleanse, you will not be taking in any solid food for a minimum of 3 days. Due to this, some people might feel light headed and dizzy. However, not everyone gets the same results. They say that the more toxins your body has, the more light headed you feel as your body works double time to flush out the toxins.  If you were already living a slightly healthy lifestyle, then you will most likely not feel a thing. If you are like the woman above, I suggest you try doing it on a weekend or try a 1-day cleanse. Better yet, try a light cleanse from Detoxify Bar where you still have the option to eat some solid food.


Juice-cleanse-at-detoxify-bar-06 Juice-cleanse-at-detoxify-bar-05

Juice Cleansing While Working Out with Detoxify Bar


Can I still continue working out while on a Juice Cleanse?

Of course! Again, this may be different from person to person but if you still feel strong and healthy, go ahead and push through with your workout. I am a runner and fitness enthusiast. I do a variety of exercises thrice a week and was initially afraid that going on Detoxify Bar’s juice cleanse might hinder me from my workout routines. Just a little word of advise, you might not want to push too hard while doing the juice cleanse. Remember, your body has less energy and might not be in the same state it was prior to the cleanse. Simply turn it down a notch and you’ll be fine!


Juice-cleanse-at-detoxify-bar-02Juice Cleansing While Working Out with Detoxify Bar


It’s time you start living a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family! Check out Detoxify Bar in any of their 2 branches, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Read more about my 1st juice cleanse and the different juices Detoxify Bar has to offer HERE.


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