Is a Jonas Brothers and BLACKPINK Collaboration on the Horizon?

After a successful collaboration with Dua Lipa, it’s no wonder why Blackpink has been getting the attention of Western artists. The latest of said artists is American pop rock band, the Jonas Brothers, who recently made their comeback with ‘Sucker’, and have been promoting themselves non-stop ever since.

At a recent TV appearance, the JoBros played a game of ‘Would You Rather’, where they were given two options and they basically had to choose which of the two they would prefer. Their answer to one particular question really caught the attention of K-pop fans.

The question was: “Who would you want to team up next for a song?” Joe immediately answered Blackpink, and Nick and Kevin nodded in agreement. This excited both the boys’ fans and Blackpink’s Blinks. Both groups are on the top of their game right now and seeing them collaborate would be a dream.

If ever this powerhouse collab does happen, it wouldn’t be the first K-pop collaboration the JoBros have ever done. Back in 2009, the brothers toured with now K-pop legends the Wonder Girls after asking the ladies to be their opening act.

Meanwhile, Blackpink recently performed at Coachella where they made a huge buzz for being the first K-pop girl group to perform at the music festival. They were recently in Manila for a meet-and-greet and are currently wrapping up the Australian leg of their world tour.

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Would you want to see the JoBros collaborate with Blackpink?


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