JolliDance Showdown: Jollibee v G-Force’s Teacher Georcelle Dapat Sy

With their innovative, hip and fresh moves, it is no wonder why G-Force has become a pretty big name in the dancing community and beyond. Well, one aspiring dancer recently challenged an unsuspecting Teacher Georcelle Dapat Sy to a dance showdown and the video has gone viral for a reason. Just look at who the challenger is:

Georcelle looked genuinely ecstatic as Jollibee danced infront of her, even saying that she danced with Jollibee because she was “so impressed by his dancing skills”.

I don’t know about you, but I have just put “JolliDance showdown with Jollibee” on my bucketlist. :p Have you ever been lucky enough to dance with Jollibee? Share your videos or experiences with us!

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