Jipan: The Ultimate Japanese Food Trip in The Metro

Jipan: The Ultimate Japanese Food Trip in The Metro


Itching for new eats in the metro? Then allow me to introduce you to Jipan, a cafe/ bakeshop offering only authentic and quality Japanese food served fresh on the table. From sushi, ramen and maki to delectable mochi donuts, classic pastries and mini-croissants; I honestly have to say that this is one of the best Japanese cafes I’ve ever been to!


Jipan Japanese Food


Jipan first opened its doors in 1992. It started out as a small bakeshop introducing the flavors of Japanese food through their breads and pastries, most notably in their signature breads called the “JiPandesal” and the “Monroe Bread”. Later on, they developed a new set menu that not only offers their classic breads and pastries, but also authentic Japanese dishes, like tempura, maki, and ramen, amongst others. Since then, Jipan has been providing quality service and good Japanese food to their customers.


Jipan Japanese Food

Jipan Japanese Food


Honestly, I was very skeptical to try out their Japanese food because some other buffets and restaurants gave me a bad impression about Japanese food. When I tried Jipan’s Crunchy Salmon Roll, though… sweet mother of Jesus! My mind flipped because it was sooo delicious! This is one of those dishes that I’ll never forget!


Jipan Japanese FoodCrunchy Salmon Roll: Hand-made maki topped with a blend of crunchy salmon bits, Japanese mayo and seasonings partnered with soy sauce and wasabi


We also got to try Naruto’s favorite, Chuukara Ramen! A perfect dish to complement the cold rainy weather of August. Its spiciness and flavorful broth really brought out the flavors of Japan.


Jipan Japanese FoodChuukara Ramen: Special spicy broth with noodles, beef slices, corn, and poached egg. Must I say more?


Another dish you’ll surely love. Gyudon is beef, noodles and rice in one. It’s sweet and beefy flavor was perfection for my tastebuds!


Jipan Japanese FoodGyudon: a combination of beef strips, noodles and seasonings with rice at the bottom


I was already feeling a bit full after that 3-meal course, so I was glad that they served us complimentary brewed green tea. My friend was so excited to try the teapot and fulfill her childhood dream of serving tea (like in tea parties).

Jipan Japanese Food

Another milestone accomplished! haha


Next is their Dynamite Roll, a tempura-maki combo perfect for everyone. If you haven’t had good sushi in a while, I’d highly recommend this. Until now, I’m still craving for it (especially the topping)!


Jipan Japanese FoodDynamite Roll: Tempura and maki topped with a blend of crunchy tempura bits and Japanese mayo


Last but not the least: dessert!!! We ordered Jipan’s bestseller, the Banana Foster Pain Perdu. At first, I thought it was tofu but just wait until you taste it. Sweet, heavenly and delicious! Better try it to understand what I’m talking about.


Jipan Japanese FoodBanana Foster Pain Perdu: Soft bread topped with a mix of blended banana and caramel with scoops of vanilla ice cream on the side


Jipan Japanese Food

Can you see the bread smile? 🙂


After  the meal, Ms. Stephanie Brimo, owner of Jipan, gave us samples of their breads and pastries, so we also got to try out their signature Monroe Bread , which is inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s light and airy skirt. I took a bite and instantly knew that it wasn’t like any other ordinary loaf bread. Soft, light and flaky – the kind of bread that you won’t get tired of eating (I actually ate the whole mini monroe loaf myself).


Jipan Japanese Food


This is one of those restaurants that I’ll recommend to my friends and will surely come back for. I loved all of the food and will try out their other dishes the next time I come back. Visit Jipan yourself and get the taste of authentic, quality and delicious Japanese food!


Jipan Japanese Food



Jipan Cafe and Bakeshop


2/F Glorietta 4, UG/F SM Megamall 

Website: https://jipan.com.ph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jipancafe


Photos courtesy of Ezra Cerezo


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Jipan: The Ultimate Japanese Food Trip in The Metro