Soju Flavors to Give As Gifts According to Their Zodiac Sign

The holidays are the perfect time to bring out the alcohol to liven up the festivities at home among friends and family—and what could honestly be better than indulging in the refreshing flavors of soju?

Soju makes a great companion for delicious noche buena feasts and a fun way to loosen up in the many Christmas parties you’ve probably got planned.

Jinro Flavors 1

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Soju is also best shared with loved ones, so if you’re still thinking of gifts to give this Christmas, you won’t go wrong with a good, quality bottle in the flavor they’re sure to like. 

Uncertain which flavor to get? Here’s a nifty guide on picking out the perfect one according to their Zodiac Sign.

Jinro Grapefruit

Perfect Soju Flavor for Sagittarius

Jinro Soju Grapefruit Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Sagittarius people are quite optimistic and adventurous people who are passionate about their dreams and having a great time with their loved ones. They’d most definitely enjoy Jinro’s vibrant Grapefruit flavor, a sharp and tangy twist on the classic soju drink that still has that strong kick.

Jinro Green Grape

Perfect for Scorpio and Aquarius

Jinro Soju Green Grape Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Scorpios and Aquarians have such colorful yet complicated personalities that they’d need a soju flavor that can adapt to their ever-changing moods and motives—just like Jinro Green Grape Soju. This soju flavor is neither sweet nor bitter yet exceptionally flavorful, making it great to drink neat or mixed into cocktails.

Jinro Plum

Perfect for Leo

Jinro Soju Plum Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Leos are high-spirited and energetic people who are so confident in their talents that they would never shy away from an opportunity to shine. Jinro Plum is the perfect flavor for them as it provides a playful taste of tartness to the classic soju.

Jinro Strawberry

Perfect for Cancer and Pisces

Jinro Soju Strawberry Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

As water signs, Cancers and Pisces are very sensitive to their own and others’ feelings. They’re so in touch with their emotions that they are in constant search for connections and experiences that are out of the ordinary and that make them feel special. For them, the refreshing uniqueness of Jinro Strawberry Soju is the perfect flavor—sweet, tart, and fruity, yet still giving that strong kick in every sip.

Jinro Peach

Perfect for Taurus and Capricorn

Jinro Soju Peach Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Both practical and pragmatic signs, Taurus and Capricorns would much rather go for milder, less intense drinks where they could truly kick back and relax. This makes Jinro Peach the best flavor for them as it provides the perfect balance of pure soju and the sweet and refreshing taste of peach.

Jinro Chamisul Original

Perfect for Aries and Gemini

Jinro Soju Chamisul Original Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

As ambitious and aggressive people, Aries would want nothing less than a strong drink to match their strong personalities. Geminis are likewise such highly spirited people who can never stay rooted in one place—constantly on-the-go and in search of a good time—and crave anything and everything that could keep up with their energies.

There’s no question that the soju flavor for them is the Jinro Chamisul Original—pure, potent, and the sure-fire favorite of anyone seeking an authentic and rich soju experience.

Jinro Chamisul Fresh

Perfect for Virgo and Libra

Jinro Soju Chamisul Fresh Flavor

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Both Virgos and Libras are very “no fuss no frills” kind of people who just like things simple yet done with a lot of care. They value quality over quantity as they would not want to waste their time on anything that doesn’t meet their standards. Similarly, both love to spend their free days just chilling, which is why the Jinro Chamisul Fresh is the best soju flavor you could give to them.

Refreshing yet strong, and meticulously created through a 7-step refinement process using active bamboo charcoal, this is one clean drink that will leave your dear Virgos and Libras clearheaded and ready to take on the demands of the following day—just the way they would want it.

What’s your favorite Jinro Soju flavor? Let us know in the comments below!