Jinri Park’s Experience with UNO Magazine

Jinri Park’s Experience with UNO Magazine


 A few days ago, Korean bombshell, radio DJ, and columnist Jinri Park spoke about her experience with men’s magazine UNO. According to her, the magazine used a photo of her on the cover without her permission. She posted this Instagram picture three days ago:

Jinri Park's Experience with Uno Magazine

The post is captioned, “Jinjas. Please spread the word. I do not support my cover for UNO that’s out this month. This is not right. They never asked me or my manager if they can use it for the cover this month. We never got any information on this matter.”

Netizens have commented about being shocked about it, and wondered if Jinri will be compensated for the shoot.

Last night, UNO magazine released its official statement on the matter on its Facebook account. The magazine said that they shot the pictures last year, but the story was shelved when Jinri left the country. They timed the release upon her return.

Jinri Park's Experience with Uno Magazine 2

The complete post says, “In September 2013, the UNO editorial team commissioned a “Memoirs of a Geisha” cover shoot with Ms. Jinri Park to be published in the same year. However, due to her departure from the country to study acting for eight months, the issue was shelved indefinitely.

“When we were informed that she would be returning to the Philippines, we welcomed the idea of finally running the cover story, supporting one of our favorite cover talents and to generate timely buzz for Ms. Park’s return. This would also coincide with UNO Magazine’s fresh new format of back-to-back flip covers.

“This was done in good faith, and as emphasized and shown in practice, with the welfare of Ms. Park, and not just UNO Magazine at heart. Our previous collaborations with celebrities and other talents can attest to the sincerity of our aim.

“We are in the business of selling magazines, but we also believe in sharing our success with the rest of the industry. The editorial team of UNO Magazine and management team of Ms. Park have set a meeting to resolve this unfortunate misunderstanding.”

We hope they settle this issue because the cover will surely be smoking hot!

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Jinri Park’s Experience with UNO Magazine

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