Jeunesse Anion Women’s Wellness Month Health Tips

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In celebration of the Women’s Wellness month and Jeunesse Anion 4th year anniversary, we’ve partnered with EDSA Shangri-La Hotel with three rousing activities designed to move, refuel, and recover. And to make these vital elements of wellness puzzle come together, our three panels of experts share its benefits for all the women.


Move with Yoga Teacher Bubbles Paraiso

“Starting with “yes”, anyone can do it!” gushes former actress-model and currently yoga teacher Bubbles Paraiso who has turned her passion for fitness into a profession. While this form of workout can be too relaxed and calm, she debunks myths that it isn’t a workout. “Ashtanga is a very dynamic or yang type of yoga that works on your legs, core, shoulder strength and opens up your hips. It’s a good form of exercise for women because aside from the hip openers that help a lot with childbearing, the sequence of ashtanga make one longer, leaner, and stronger. If you want well-defined arms, then ashtanga is for you. Also, having a set sequence makes you see your progress in every session”, Bubbles assures.

Apart from yoga’s contribution to your strength, flexibility, and balance, it’s also supposed to be good with pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS. Calming to the mind and relaxing to the body, some asanas or poses relives cramped muscles and boosts the mood. Same is true for women who aim to alleviate symptoms of pre-menopause, yoga makes this natural biological occurrence for women more bearable, relieving discomforts from hot flashes to the roller coaster circus of anxiety and depression.


Refuel with Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RDN

We know the drill once we’re on our way to PMS—the intense cravings for the sinful, salty, and sweet food. To combat nutrient deficiencies and to ensure you don’t throw yourself off guard to a generally sour mood, Philippine-US registered dietitian Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RDN shares practical tips on eating well since it’s especially important to fuel up with life-giving foods, so to speak. “Cut back on salt, which comes from notorious sources such as chips, processed or canned foods, and condiments which results to bloating. Deliberately choose lean meat, eggs, and dark leafy green vegetables to increase iron stores during the menstrual period”, she concludes.

Being conscious of fluid intake during your time of the month is also essential to promote healthy digestion and hydration. Remember to chug down more water with minimum of eight glasses per day and add probiotic sources such as yogurt to improve intestinal health and fight off bloating.


Recover with Doctor and Triathlete Lyllian Grace Banzon

Now that your body has gained momentum from a steady work out plan coupled with smarter choices for wholesome but delicious food, Triathlete Lyllian Banzon, MD, MBA, inspires you to keep the fire burning with word of advice on how to sustain your fit and fab lifestyle.

“Rest and relaxation are essential parts of recovery as they help prevent and manage symptoms of burn out”, shares Dr. Lyllian. Apart from the importance of food and fluid in the diet, quality rest and sleep shouldn’t be missed in the process. “Treat yourself from a spa or massage.

“Aside from these, you can also try acupuncture, which helps restore balance, enhance blood flow, relieve tight and painful muscles”, advises Dr. Lyllian. However, it pays to know the difference of a bad pain, which usually comes off with sharp, consistent, and debilitating discomfort for weeks. Listen to your body and seek medical consultation once these symptoms persist.

One of the reasons to stay away or delay our physical activities for us ladies is perhaps our menstrual period. But let us say this again, “It’s not an excuse to slack”, as Dr.

Lyllian puts it. Helps to improve your sanity by alleviating moodiness and stimulation of the happy hormones called endorphin; exercise is also a surefire way to prevent weight gain when food cravings are at its peak. Plus, movement can often relieve the pain and discomforts of cramp, which provides all the reason for you to ham it up in the gym or mat.

Whether you’re at the life stage of puberty, peak of adolescence or pre-menopause, these tips could come in handy—just like Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkin and liner which is designed to end the pains of your period. The first anion sanitary napkin available in the retail market with upgrades on its quick absorbing top sheet and inner material made of virgin pulp that’s safe both for pregnant and new moms, it also goes a long for your health. Helps relieves dysmenorrhea, aids in bacteria reduction, and may fight against vaginal infections or irritations, each pad is also designed to suck in the heaviest of flow.

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