Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair Super Short – Would You Ever Get a Pixie Cut?

Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair Super Short – Would You Ever Get a Pixie Cut?

When in Manila and checking out current hair trends, it may be a bit surprising to see celebrities with long and luscious locks chopping them off into super short pixie cuts. I personally decided to cut my hair short randomly a few months ago and to my surprise, more and more celebrities starting doing the same thing soon thereafter. (Did I just start a trend? Har har.)

Actually, the minute I stepped out of Azta Urban Salon, I received a tweet saying that Beyonce had chopped off her curly long locks (to the dismay of her stylist) after her hair got stuck in an electric fan during one of her performances.

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But you know what? Her stylist chose to live with it and Beyonce knows that extensions exist, so why not, right?

A few weeks after that, the movie “Gravity” came out and when Sandra Bullock took off that space helmet: BOOM. You couldn’t really decide whether you should focus on her extremely toned bod or her sudden short hair.


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Of course, short hair isn’t exactly new in the world of celebrities. Some of the most notable pixie cuts include those of:


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Emma Watson, who is currently my absolute hairspiration.



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Carey Mulligan, who pulls it off so effortlessly.



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Ginnifer Goodwin, who was my ultimate hairspiration before I got my haircut.

(Unfortunately, my stylist didn’t want to shave the sides of my hair off ­čÖü )


Now, Jennifer Lawrence of “The Hunger Games” fame has joined the roster of pixie-cutted celebs, as well, and I think she looks fabulous!


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Yup! Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair!


What I love the most about her cut is the fact that she went for it despite the fact that she doesn’t have a very small face. People seem to have this preconceived notion that pixie cuts only suit super small faces. Well, Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair and proved those guys wrong! Love love love it!

What do you think of pixie cuts? Yay or nay? Would you ever get one When in Manila? Sorry if I’m making it sound like a cult, but come join the bandwagon! :p



Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair Super Short – Would You Ever Get a Pixie Cut?

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