LOOK: This 84-Year-Old Japanese Grandpa is an Instagram Model!

Tetsuya, an 84-year-old former Chemistry teacher in Akita, is now an Instagram model and fashion icon in Japan after he let his grandson, Naoya Kudo, dress him up head-to-toe in style.

Kudo first shared the series of photos he took of his grandfather on Twitter and was surprised by how it blew up.

Now, he’s made his grandfather his own Instagram account which currently has 63,000 followers in a span of a month. Check out our favorite looks below!

Japanese Instagram Grandpa 1

Japanese Instagram Grandpa 3

Japanese Instagram Grandpa 5

Japanese Instagram Grandpa 2

Japanese Instagram Grandpa 6

Source: Instagram.com/slvr.tty

Most of the locations the two shot in were places Tetsuya had personal connections to, including beaches and fields near his family home and the library of the school where he had once been the principal.

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According to Kudo, he would love to eventually put together an album or photo exhibition considering that his grandfather doesn’t use social media.

“It would be nice if we could get some of his former students to show up as well,” he said.

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