It’s Time to Spark Joy with Marie Kondo’s New Show!

Here’s some news that would spark joy: Netflix just announced that an all-new Marie Kondo series called Sparking Joy. Only this time, Marie Kondo is set to tidy one small town in America.

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Her previous series, Tidying with Marie Kondo, followed her as she helped families declutter their homes and get rid of things that do not “spark joy.” It was considered a hit among many as it inspired people to also tidy their homes using the Konmari method.

But that’s not the only thing that’s going to spark joy, Netflix also announced that it is renewing other beloved reality shows on their platform. The show Rhythm+Flow, a music competition for aspiring rappers, is also returning for a second season.

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Love is Blind is also a show that has been renewed for two more seasons. The dating show hopes to answer the old-age question, “Is love really blind?” Reality show The Circle is also coming back for two more seasons, as it follows people forced to communicate only using a special social media app.

Which show are you most excited for? Let us know!

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