It’s Bao or Never, Visit Bao on the Block NOW!

Don’t be fooled by the baos that they’ve got.

Bao on the Block_facade

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Located along the stretch of Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City (in front of ABS-CBN) is this adorable little restaurant that’s screaming in hues of blue and red. Bao on the Block is one of the must-try new restaurants in the metro.

Bao on the Block_Bao flatlay

For the unfamiliar, baos are steamed buns that are filled with a variety of meat and veggies. Bao on the Block gives these traditional Chinese staples a modern twist (and really “punny” names).

Dragon Bao Z

Made of kimchi, pork, and spring onions, this sweet and spicy treat marked the first time I ever tasted the traditional Korean side dish. And I liked it.

Bao on the Block_Dragon Bao Z

Bao to the King

If Dragon Bao Z gives you a Korean vibe, this one will (sort of) remind you of Japan. Made with chicken strips, teriyaki sauce, beansprouts and sprinkled with sesame seeds, this is a shoo-in for those who enjoy the sweeter side of life.

Bao on the Block_Bao to the King

BOTB Classic

For those with traditional tastes, the BOTB classic is a good choice. It’s made with pork, hoisin sauce, and nuts.

Bao on the Block_BOTB

I like how their menu is simple and very straight forward. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to get. Add to that the fact that their prices are affordable and the service is very swift, not to mention personalized and very friendly.

Each serving comes with a side of chips and is guaranteed to fill your hungry stomach.

Each bao costs P89 but you can also buy 2 pieces for only P159, and 5 pieces for P375. They also serve rice bowls for only P149, which is a great deal because of the heaping servings.

Chicken chops

Bao on the Block_Chicken chops

Fish wasabi

Bao on the Block_Fish Wasabi

Peanut noodles (P129)

I knew they don’t scrimp on ingredients the moment they put this on our table because the thick, nutty aroma filled the room for a moment. I haven’t tried anything like it and was delighted by how good it tasted.

They have an on-going promo where you can enjoy unlimited noodles for only an additional P20. It ends February 15, 2017, so you guys better visit asap.

Bao on the Block_Peanut noodles

Tsingtao (P125)

Love beer? You’ll want to try Tsingtao. We were told that it’s light on the taste buds but packs a heavy punch once you’ve had quite a few glasses.

Bao on the Block_Tsingtao

Deep fried ice cream bao (P99)

To cap off our visit, we were treated to this beautiful edible work of art. If you enjoyed eating dirty ice cream on a bun when you were a kid, you’d be crazy about this one. The deep friend ice cream bao is pure heaven.

Bao on the Block_Deep fried ice cream bao

Bao on the Block’s welcoming walls feature a gallery where polaroids of their guests are featured. You can have your photos in here as well.

Bao on the Block_Photo wall

Bao on the Block also caters private functions, like quiz nights. If you need an intimate space and awesome food for any event, just get in touch with them. The partners, Bibien Tan, Marga Go, and Bien-Bien Tan would be happy to accommodate your requests.


Bao On The Block

Bao on the Block is located at 52 Sgt. Esguerra (in front of ABS-CBN), Quezon City
Twitter and IG: @baoontheblock
Mobile: 0995 783 9797
Hours: 11 am to 9 pm, daily