Capture Instagram Worthy Photos with the Affordable Huawei Nova 2i – the King of Midrange Phones!

If you think you need to invest a lot of money to create Instagram worthy travel snaps, well think again….

Huawei Nova 2i. Only P14,990

Make way for the Huawei Nova 2i – the King of Midrange Phones!

Packed with a quadruple camera, a 5.9” Full View display, and a long-lasting battery life for only Php 14,990– this ultra-stylish phone will keep you lusting for life’s adventures. Capture, view, and share your life like no other with the Nova 2i.

The Huawei Nova 2i is a great alternative if you still don’t have the budget to invest in a 20k -30K++ phone like the Huawei P10 with Leica lens. Also ideal for people who just want a practical mid-range phone with a really good camera and dependable battery.

I’ve been using my Nova 2i for over a month now and I’m still using it as my main phone even though I already have a P10 Plus. Why? Well, aside from having a really huge and clear full view display screen (which I so love), my Nova 2i simply gets the job done. I love its overall performance plus all the basic features which are important to me are all there. Truth is, you can pretty much achieve P10 like bokehlicious photos for half the cost with the Nova 2i.

Here are some of the awesome features that you can use to level-up our IG game using the Huawei Nova 2i.

1. Achieve Bokehlicious scenes when you travel with its Wide Aperture mode

The Huawei Nova 2i features a dual-lens rear-facing camera that combines a 16MP lens and a 2MP lens. The 16MP lens is responsible for image rendering, and the 2MP lens captures depth of field information to create a professional bokeh effect. Its dual-lens camera supports large aperture bokeh effect with manually adjustable bokeh levels (like the flagship P10 and P10 Plus). As a Huawei P10 Plus user, for me its only difference with the Nova 2i is the lens – Hindi lang sya Leica.

dual-lens rear-facing camera that combines a 16MP lens and a 2MP lens

Like the crowd favorite Huawei P10, you can also achieve bokehlicious shots with the P14,990 Nova 2i. Simply turn on the camera and click on the Wide Aperture icon to enable this feature.  Select your subject by touching the screen and click the shutter! Be sure your hands are steady to avoid blurry shots. Here’s a trick: exhale whenever you click the shutter.

Recent food trip in Davao

at Novotel Manila Araneta Center

morning walk in Baguio

at the airport in China

2. Take perfect selfies during trips with its dual lens front camera

 Huawei knows how obsessed Pinoys are with selfies, so they made sure that we can easily capture perfect selfies with the Nova 2i. The Huawei Nova 2i’s front-facing camera features a 13MP lens and a 2MP lens. The f/2.0 13MP lens focuses on image rendering, and the 1.75um 2MP color lens focuses on capturing depth of field information. The two lenses work in unison – one for image rendering, the other for bokeh effect – to accentuate every detail.

dual lens front camera

Furthermore, the Huawei Nova 2i packs a studio-level high CRI (color rendering index), and Smart Selfie Toning Flash for softer lighting in darker conditions, or even pitch black environments. This Smart Selfie Toning Flash intelligently and automatically adjusts the level of brightness to deliver professional-level lighting, automatically switching between two levels to meet the lighting demands of selfies in almost any setting. Oh, and you can also take selfies even when you’re away from your phone with its Gesture Control – Palm to Camera Capture.

Selfie at the Great Wall of China

It has pre-installed Cute Animated Effects that you can play with, during those ” I badly need to feel good / I need a hug” kind of days. lols

3. Travelling Solo? No problemo!

 If you love travelling solo (like me), then the Nova 2i can be a perfect companion because of its Gesture Control – Palm to Camera Capture feature. It recognizes hand gestures within 1.5 meters of the camera for you to capture photos without touching the screen. A two-second delay between the gesture and the photo being taken gives you plenty of time to pose for that epic cover photo.

Before climbing the Great Wall of China

Gesture control on

4.  Capture Stunning Low Light Scenes with its Night Shot and Light Painting Modes 

Like the Huawei P10, the Nova 2i can also capture stunning low light/night scenes with its Night Shot mode. Aside from Night Shot mode, you can also level-up your travel shots by using its Tail Light Trails, Light Graffiti, Silky Water and even Star Track Light Painting features.

Tip: Remember to use your tripod for best results.

Night Mode at Novotel Manila Araneta Center

5. Immortalize Mouthwatering Meals

Whether you dig taking flat lays, close-ups or any other angle/style, you are sure to always produce clear vibrant food shots with the Nova 2i. It even has a built-in “Good Food” default setting.

Here’s another tip: When taking photos of food, don’t be afraid to shoot up-close in order to capture its texture. Sharpen it a bit using your preferred photo editing app to emphasize its texture more. It looks more appetizing that way. Don’t over saturate the colors too. The key is to make it look real and appetizing.

Strawberries from Baguio

Slay that Flat Lay

Aside from these useful features ideal for trips, the Huawei Nova 2i  boasts of having a 5.9-inch FullView Display for exceptional widescreen viewing. The top bezel is 31 percent smaller and the bottom bezel is 36 percent smaller, which means a 5.9-inch screen fits into what is effectively a 5.5-inch form factor. The device features FHD+ resolution with a high pixel per inch (PPI) density.

5.9-inch FullView Display

Best of all, I love how the Nova 2i provides me with superior power efficiency with its Kirin 659 chipset and EMUI 5.1.  It may only have 3340 mAh (Typical value), but I noticed that the battery life lasts for almost a day (coz my internet data is always on). I still bring my power bank to ensure I don’t run out of power while on the go, but I don’t really use it much compared to the other brands I’ve used in the past. One major reason why I stick with Huawei is because their battery performance remains dependable even after 18 months compared to others brands where you always need to connect to your power bank in order to survive. Even my other friends who have switched to Huawei say the same, so I’m glad they’re all satisfied with my recommendation.

Lastly, as a frequent traveller, I consider the Nova 2i as a practical phone to use even in public places since it doesn’t cost too much (only P14,990) compared to those that are priced over P50k.  This also makes me feel less worried and paranoid about being a victim of theft in case I find myself in a not-so-safe city. And in case I accidentally lose my phone, I won’t feel too depressed, since I know I can afford to buy a new one without the need to starve myself for months.

so happy with the Huawei Nova 2i

To know more about the Huawei Nova 2i and its other amazing features, visit your nearest Huawei Concept Store or check out their official Facebook page at

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