INSPIRING: Filipino Harvard law graduate dedicates his career to pro-bono legal work for the poor

Juan Fidel Felipe Nograles, who earned degrees from both Ateneo de Manila University and Harvard University, is dedicating his career to pro-bono legal work for the poor. He is pursuing a number of different pro-poor programs in his home province of Rizal.

Juan Fidel Felipe Nograles

Photo courtesy of Philstar 

Nograles’ experience in the field of law is impressive on its own. Aside from hailing from two prestigious universities, he was also able to spend some time gaining practical knowledge. Before even attending Harvard University, Nograles was able to work for a law firm. He also worked as former Supreme Court associate justice Martin Villarama Jr.’s court attorney.

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After graduating from Harvard, the lawyer chose to diverge from the typical path. He credits his decision to his time spent as Rizal’s assistant provincial administrator. He says that his experience there opened his eyes to the realities of the people on the ground, and what could be done to help.

So now he commits his attention to the towns of Rodriguez and San Mateo, assisting the less privileged where he can. To be specific, Nograles involves himself in issues such as land grabbing, family disputes, and domestic violence.

He is quoted as saying: “I have seen how meager their resources are and honestly, I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. The more time I spend with them each day, the more I appreciate how lucky I am to be in a position to help.”

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Source: Philstar