Influencers get sick after swimming in lake which is actually highly toxic waste

In the Philippines, there is an increase in Social Media Influencers as people hear about the monetization of curated feeds. There have also been recent events and talks teaching people about how to be one like The ABCs of Becoming a Social Media Influencer. But with this, it is also in everyone’s online responsibility to not promote anything that would cause harm to others.

Like this issue in Spain where several Instagram users have reportedly gotten sick after bathing around a beautiful blue lake which in actuality was a chemically contaminated dumpsite.

The aquamarine-colored water does indeed look inviting in the pictures instead of supposedly enjoying their moment they water turned out to be something straight of a horror film once it caused a reaction to their skin.

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According to the Bored Panda, here are some Instagram posts by people who visited the lake:

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The site named Mount Neme in Galicia invites tourists over to take pictures because of the scenery but it is actually an abandoned quarry connected to a Tungsten mine that was used during World War II and the surge of what looked like friendly Instagram posts turned out to be irresponsible promotion by the region’s tourism board.

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In an interview with Cadena CopeDr. Manuel Ferreiro, from the emergency department of the University Hospital of Coruña explained that a fast dip in the lake is dangerous to people as it will cause minor skin irritations and prolonging it would increase the risk.

“If they take a bath in a timely manner, the most likely consequences are ocular and irritative problems, irritation of the ocular mucous membranes and skin irritations,” he said.

“If it is a prolonged bathing session and they accidentally drink some water, people can experience digestive disorders, vomiting, and later diarrhea.”

Here is a post of one of the people who swam in the lake. [warning: graphic image]

So folks here’s a reminder not to risk your health or your life just for a picturesque or as we all call it ~*aesthetic*~ post!

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