The ABCs of Becoming a Social Media Influencer

If you haven’t realized it yet, Social Media has changed the way we communicate with anyone from your family and friends to businesses and marketing. The users of these platforms worldwide has reached an estimated number of 3.2 billion people and almost 5 billion people would become a netizen by 2020.

Now, since the way we connect to each other has evolved, brands and people have also changed the way we attract an audience. Last May 23, top influencers and marketers shared their success stories at  “Grow Social 2019: The Essential Guide to Social Media Influencing” at The Tent of Enderun Colleges, 1100 Campus Ave., McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

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Some of the biggest influencers who shared their insights include Rex Intal, James McDermott, Issa Pressman, Angelique Manto, Niko Del Rosario, Emmanuelle Vera and many more.

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Photo 8 1In photo: Michelle Dee and Michele Gumabao

Let’s see what they had to say.

Here are The 3 Most Important Tips You Need to Know To Become An Influencer:

3. Authenticity goes a long way. As said by the majority of the speakers, this is one of the most essential tips when posting. Whenever you want to post something, you have to work with what’s best for you. You should work on what interests you may it be food, fashion, travel or anything else and remind yourself that you don’t have to copy anybody else’s style but your own. Whenever you create something, be true to who you are because your content matters if you’re being original, being real and you work with what’s best for you. Russell Molina, an Executive Creative Director with 2 decades of Advertising experience shares that personal experience captivates an audience as he shared a story of his father and uncle which gave a deeper meaning to one of his published children’s books.

2. Be Relevant. This is the second biggest tip because the world is constantly changing and many of the speakers such as __ mentioned that learning about what is trendy will help you become more involved. When you’re involved in current happenings then you’re more relatable to your audience. The audience will be interested to see what’s your view on something or if you’re doing the hottest topic as well. When Niko Del Rosario, Emmannuelle, Angelique, Ciacia and Dani Ferrari was asked if they will forever pursue being relevant by being an influencer, Niko stated that Instagram could be gone tomorrow so it would be better to have other interests and learn skills that will help you land other kinds of living as well.

1. Consistency is Key. Dowan Kim, development manager for Google, emphasized on the importance of planning and scheduling the content you have. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, you need to have regularity when posting and in order to be consistent, a content plan will help you manage your ideas and outputs. Whenever you post, you should cater to your audience. You should be consistent when inspiring, entertaining, or informing them. Let’s Eat Pare Founder and Community Director for Social Media Mark Del Rosario, Digital Content and Partnership Mark Del Rosario, Our Awesome Planet Founder Anton Diaz, Blogger and Digital Marketing professional Me-An Clemente all agree that their content caters to a specific audience and they specifically feed the same content since that is what works for their viewers.

Photo 18In photo: Me-An Clemente and Mark Del Rosario

The conference also explored topics ranging from an introduction to the phenomenon of social media influence, focus on success stories of influencers, actionable tips for creating authentic content, data privacy and social media, how to rise above noise, the latest social media trends and technologies, how to market your accounts, and so on.

For more information about the Grow Social 2019 conference, visit or call 856.5000 local 580.AQ