IN PHOTOS: Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong Un impersonators tour Hong Kong


Cresencio Extreme, a Rodrigo Duterte impersonator, teamed up with Howard X, a Kim Jong Un impersonator, to go through the streets of Hong Kong last February 3. The pair sparked hysteria and confusion as the crowds initially mistook them for the real deal. The stunt was presumably Howard’s idea as he is currently acting as Cresencio’s agent as of now.

One stop they made was Sunday mass at St. Joseph’s Church. According to reports, the appearance created quite the disruption with crowds cheering and whispering about the pair. At that point, the mass-goers weren’t yet sure if these were actually the leaders.

Duterte Impersonator 1

Duterte Impersonator 2


They made their way to a Jollibee branch for lunch as well. Before entering the restaurant they greeted the public and took some pictures with them. Cresencio even had statements prepared for the crowd: “When I arrived at Hong Kong airport, I didn’t see any beautiful ladies, but now I realize that Jollibee is where they are all hidden.”

Duterte Impersonator 3


Here are the two enjoying a chickenjoy meal:

Duterte Impersonator 4


The pair took to the subway to confuse some commuters. You can catch the passengers looking at them curiously here:

Duterte Impersonator 6


They were also parading through the streets of Hong Kong. The Kim Jong Un impersonator was particularly brave as he unashamedly brandished a (fake) machine gun:

Duterte Impersonator 7


The duo is currently on the look-out for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin lookalikes. Howard is aiming to complete a group he’d like to call “the Tyrants”. He says: “The guys who play Obama or Clinton have to be very proper, but the tyrants can do anything. When you look like an arsehole, you attract other arseholes.”

Duterte Impersonator 5

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How would you react if you saw these two casually strolling through the streets?