Ilustrado Restaurant Must Tries!


Ilustrado Restaurant Must Tries!

When in Manila and craving for some traditional Filipino-Spanish cuisine, I always tell my friends to check out ILUSTRADO Restaurant in Intramuros

With the many new restaurants opening these days, I’m often asked on what I think about these new establishments. Well to tell you the truth, I am very picky with the places I feature and I’m not really into those new ones offering glamorized versions of our beloved  Filipino dishes just to justify pricing. I prefer places that have stood the test of time because I believe they are the ones who deserve much more exposure and I’d really would like my generation to re-discover them. So with this, I’d like to once again feature one of the restaurants on top of my list – ILUSTRADO Restaurant in Intramuros!
This time, I’d like to show you their all time Filipino-Spanish Best Sellers so you’d have an idea on what to order when you visit!
Let’s start off with their Lobster Bisque
Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly-seasoned soup of French origin, classically based on a strained broth (coulis) of crustaceans.
This very flavorful soup is very filling and heartwarming! Best enjoyed when hot of course and partnered with their very own carrot bread plus swirls of butter and liver pate (duck and chicken liver)
 Lobster Bisque by ILUSTRADO Restaurant
Baked Eggplant –  A very healthy and satisfying dish! Smooth and creamy eggplant inside, wrapped in  filo pastry wrapper, baked then topped with fresh pesto and tomato sauce. We just couldn’t get enough of it!  No wonder this has become a crowd favorite!
 Baked Eggplant by ILUSTRADO Restaurant
Bagnet: I’m sure Pinoys are very familiar with this one!  Ilustrado’s version of this classic Ilocano favorite done with a twist! Ultra tender and crispy deep fried pork strips with their special KBL sauce! KBL stands for kamatis, bagoong and lasuna (lasuna are small onions grown in the Ilocos region)
Bagnet Ilocano by ILUSTRADO Restaurant
Callos –  A savory ox tripe stew with chorizo de bilbao and chickpeas! The ox tripe possessed this “melt-in-your-mouth” tenderness which left me yearning for more. I must say it’s the best Callos I’ve ever tasted!  The medley of flavors were ecstatic! Definitely a classic!
 Callos by ILUSTRADO Restaurant
Lengua – I’m a huge fan of Ox-tongue so I got very excited when this landed on our table! It was complimented with a saporic shittake mushroom sauce. I’ve never tasted ox-tongue this tender before and once again I died a hundred times! Ilustrado can truly deliver!
 Lengua by ILUSTRADO Restaurant
Paella Ilustrado – I couldn’t help but sigh every time I look upon this apparition. Paella is a classic Spanish rice dish originating in the Valencian region which we Filipinos have grown to appreciate! I’m lost for words! The photo speaks for itself… look at that beauty!

 Spanish Paella by ILUSTRADO Restaurant




And of course for our sweet sweet ending, we were served with this one of a kind very Filipino dessert which they created themselves. The idea is just ingenious!! Delicate and very fragrant! Irresistible!  This is an example of something which the public should go gaga for! Seriously! Some of you may find the serving to be small but honestly, I think it’s just right because the portion is just enough to refresh your palettes.


Sampaguita Ice Cream by Ilustrado



The magic of ILUSTRADO Restaurant will truly linger on for generations. One thing which I really love about ILUSTRADO Restaurant would be on how they’re able to preserve these timeless dishes and present it to you in such a way that it’ll make you feel so proud to be Filipino. I love the way on how passionate ILUSTRADO Restaurant is in keeping our traditions alive and this is one of the main reasons why ILUSTRADO Restaurant remains to be one of the few restaurants on top of my list! 



 ILUSTRADO Restaurant will truly be loved by generations to come



ILUSTRADO Restaurant = Dining Excellence! 



When in Manila, rediscover these timeless Filipino-Spanish dishes at ILUSTRADO Restaurant!!




Ilustrado Cafe and Restaurant

“Dining Excellence in the Walled City”

Mon -Sat 8am – 9pm

Sun 8am -6pm

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Ilustrado Restaurant Must Tries!

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