If You Love Tipsy Pig, You Will Also Love The Barn at UP Town!


I’m no stranger to Tipsy Pig (READ: 5 Awesome Dishes at Tipsy Pig BGC You’ll Keep Coming Back for), having eaten there with my co-WIMterns a few months ago. I honestly missed the flavors the best Gastropub I’ve been to (as of writing) spoiled me with. Being in UP Diliman didn’t help either; I would be drooling over The Barn by Tipsy Pig every time I was in UP Town Center. But now I’ve had the opportunity to do a feature on this restaurant–and boy, it sure takes me back to Tipsy Pig BGC!


The interior is very reminiscent of Tipsy Pig BGC: earthy tone, big TV’s for watching sports, and that bar. I honestly don’t see the reason why they named the place “The Barn” if it looks like Tipsy Pig…that is, until I saw the menu.

There are items in The Barn unique to it. I, along with the team, had the chance to sample some of these delicious dishes. While I will make use of a countdown for this, I want it to be known that there is absolutely no way I’m able to rank these dishes. All of them are Just. So. Good!

6. Skins


Imagine your favorite nachos. Cheese sauce, diced tomatoes and onions, and beef for that earthy flavor and texture. Replace the nachos with potato skins, and you get, well, Skins! I’m more of a potato lover than a corn lover, and this appetizer speaks to my soul! The flavor, however, is amazing. The veggies provide that crisp, sweet flavor, while the beef counteracts that bright sweetness with a more robust, earthy flavor. The nacho cheese dip goes well with just about any imaginable snack, and the potato skins are no exception!

5. The Barn Salad


Mixed greens, arugula, candied walnut, and bleu cheese provide a variety of textures that are complemented with egg slices and bacon vinaigrette. Delicious! If you aren’t into salads, this would be a good introductory salad for you.

4. Butter Garlic Chicken


One of the better chicken dishes I’ve had in a long time! The chicken is fried to perfection, and that butter garlic sauce won’t make the crispiness of the skin falter. Speaking of that sauce, THAT IS ONE KILLER SAUCE!

Tender chicken paired with what is probably the best soy garlic sauce I’ve tasted–you know that this dish is a MUST-TRY!

3. Beef Shank


I love this dish so much! The house gravy is the perfect bed for all those ingredients, providing the perfect saucy texture and a flavor that goes well with everything in the dish! The synergy between the flavors of the protein and the crisp greens is amazing. And that beef just MELTS in your mouth. Overall, it’s a phenomenal dish. Would definitely go for seconds!

2. Sisig Tacos


Ah, the familiar Sisig Taco from Tipsy Pig. They didn’t change this when they migrated to Katipunan. Still has that creamy mayo to counteract the juicy meat, the crisp, bright onions, and that spicy kick of chili. A crispy chicaron slice adorns the top of each taco. Perfection. Even better when you drizzle it with kalamansi juice and the provided soy-based sauce.

1. Chixbomb


While I can’t verify if some of the above dishes are unique to the Barn, the Chixbomb is something that made its mark on me. Eerily familiar? They look like Sisig Tacos! So what’s different? Well, instead of soft tacos, they used deep-fried chicken skin. Instead of sisig, they used fried chicken.


Compared to the Sisig Taco’s earthy, refined sisig flavor, the Chixbomb goes for a fusion. For some reason, I detected a flavor similar to sisig, only that it now comes with more flavor variety thanks to the crunchy chicken skin. The cucumber gives it a refreshing flavor, and an added crispy texture. Drizzle ’em with kalamansi juice and the chicken shines even more. Use the (really) spicy sauce and it completes the flavor explosion in your mouth! Is it a worthy Sisig Taco competitor? I’d say just get both!


What more can I say? Tipsy Pig has done it again! Crazy good flavors, portions for sharing with your barkada. For those who frequent Katip, you should absolutely visit The Barn at UP Town Center! Worth it? 100% yes!

The Barn by Tipsy Pig

G/F, Urban Turf (Phase 2), UP Town Center

Photography by Franchesca Collantes
Videography by Quin Astilla