5 Awesome Dishes at Tipsy Pig BGC You’ll Keep Coming Back for

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WhenInManila.com is no stranger to this Gastropub of dreams named Tipsy Pig. Over and over again, the gastropub has amazed us with dishes that deliver a one-two punch of flavor with every bite. I won’t blame you if you come back here again and again just to pig out. Trust me, I won’t judge you.

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Join us as we share five awesome dishes that won’t make you doubt that this is the perfect place for your next pig-out session.

5 Awesome Dishes at Tipsy Pig BGC You’ll Keep Coming Back for

5. Tipsy Kare-Kare

This dish converted me from somebody who just eats kare-kare into somebody who’d come back for more…and more…and more…and……

TipsyPiggingOut TheFort_3May grill marks ‘yan! Ad reference aside, this just looks stunning! And that sauce is killer!

The vegetables, cooked to perfection. That pork belly, deep fried until crispy without rendering the meat dry; amazing! But what really brings the bacon home is that ridiculously flavorful peanut sauce! Most, if not all kare-kare I’ve ever had needs bagoong to really shine, but such is not the case with this dish. A true standout among all those that came before it!

4. Brisket Pares

I have made it a personal mission to look for the best brisket/pares in the metro. I always thought that the best ones come from Chinese restaurants…but I was proven wrong by this ridiculously tender brisket pares!

TipsyPiggingOut TheFort_2Best. Brisket/Pares. Ever.

Showered with garlic bits and wholes along with a generous amount of their special pares sauce, this dish explodes with flavor! The USDA brisket beef has been braised for an awfully long time rendering it ridiculously tender! All in all, a flawless execution, and possibly the end of my pursuit for the best brisket/pares.

3. Beer Can Chicken

“Fly High, Chicken”, was the usual joke we cracked upon seeing this whole roasted chicken standing atop a beer can…and fly high, it did!

TipsyPiggingOut TheFort_1Fly High, Chicken. Fly High.

The chicken was roasted beautifully, cooking the whole thing through without drying it out. And if you think that roasting it over a beer can is a mere gimmick, think again! The contents of the can are mostly intact and its vapors have seeped into the chicken, giving it a hint of sweetness inherent in dishes cooked with beer. Pair it up with those soft taco shell quarters and some barbecue sauce and this dish will show no restraint, giving you a flurry of flavor punches from a true drunken master!

2. Belly Good Sisig Tacos

I had an unhealthy relationship with sisig back in high school, buying the stuff almost every day for dinner. I always frequent this sisig joint near my place in Marikina and I always believed that I could no longer find a better sisig – affordable, and sinfully delicious. Today, however, I think it finally met its match. Yes, they exist in completely different price points, but this crazy inventive dish takes an inuman staple to new heights!

TipsyPiggingOut TheFort_5It’s everybody’s favorite sisig!

I didn’t get to use the calamansi on them, but the sauce that came with it threw me off the edge of my seat. I can’t exactly tell what it is. It tastes like barbecue sauce, but it is different from the one served with the Beer Can Chicken. Regardless, the dish gives its Belly Good moniker justice. Absolutely delicious!

1. Yellow Submarine

TipsyPiggingOut TheFort_6LOOK AT ALL THAT CHEESE!

The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger! This bad boy just swims in a ton of cheese sauce, nearly submerging the bottom bun. It’s like the burger just came up from a cheesy pool after taking a dive! Oh, and the generous amount of bacon bits will trigger burger lovers, for sure!

Take a slice with a knife and fork, chomp on it, and revel in delight as the creaminess of the cheese dances together with the savory bacon bits, the mildly sweet caramelized onions, and that juicy patty! A perfect culmination of flavors and textures results in a mouthgasm that will make you go for more! Absolutely not for those who think that people who drink milk are evil…but hey, it just might be worth the risk.

TipsyPiggingOut TheFort_7Dig in!

The playful interpretations on familiar food by Tipsy Pig has left a huge mark on us. Our palates were delightfully welcomed, opening the door to a new world of flavor that we have never experienced before. It’s having the guts to play around with the standard that sets the great from the good. Tipsy Pig? It’s up there with the greats, that’s for certain.

Got any pig-out stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Tipsy Pig

Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig



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