6 Scrumptious Reasons To Visit Tipsy Pig Gastropub Again

Tipsy Pig Gastropub has always been a well-loved place since the establishment of its first branch in Capitol Commons way back 2013. It’s a go-to hub for those who want to get tipsy with their long list of carefully curated and concocted booze, pig out with their roster of delectable delights, or both.

Just last Tuesday, Tipsy Pig released their new set of food which was inspired by their chef’s recent New York trip and as part of their promise to bring and serve only the best food there is.

After trying out their newly launched dishes, we are sharing these six new yummy reasons that will surely keep you coming back to this place.

6. Cheese Bomb

Who would say no to deep-fried logs filled with warm and gooey mozzarella cheese that explodes and melts in your mouth? They even come with three dipping sauces: animal sauce, cheesy jalapeno and marinara. Among the three, cheesy jalapeno is my personal favorite.

Having these cheese bombs will surely fire up your appetite. As the name suggests, it really is the bomb! Plus, it’s made to order so, rest assured that it’s served at its best shape (and taste).


(Cheese Bomb, P 290.00)

5. Blood and Dragon

Fret not, it’s a salad. Blood and Dragon is not just your ordinary mix of greens; it comes with dragon fruit salsa and arugula with blood orange vinaigrette topped with pan-fried Spanish mackerel. Sounds yummy? It won’t disappoint because it does taste good too.


(Blood and Dragon, P 290.00)

4. Tipsy Cheesy Cheesesteak

Unlike the classic cheesesteaks, Tipsy Pig’s Tipsy Cheesy Cheesesteak is filled with chunks of USDA brisket and onions cooked in their signature homemade gravy. Not only that, it’s also topped with their cheesy provolone sauce and caramelized onions that made it extra luscious.


(Tipsy Cheesy Cheesesteak, P 330.00)

3. Tangy Shrimp

Being a huge shrimp lover, I knew I had to try these shrimps which are sauteed in garlic and tamarind glaze. The creamy coconut foam finish sealed the deal for me. With its deliciously tangy flavor, this dish is destined to become a crowd favorite!


(Tangy Shrimp, P 440.00)

2. Half Chicken, Half Amazing

The chicken is fried to perfection and served on a bed of garlic and butter sauce. Believe me, it’s nothing short of amazing – something you should definitely taste for yourself.


(Half Chicken Half Amazing, P 595.00)

1. Brisket Pares

Brisket Pares, the highlight of the set, is their spin on the popular Filipino dish, pares. This USDA brisket is braised for eight hours which made the meat oh, so tender and beaming with flavors. It is also generously served with Tipsy Pig’s special pares sauce.

Five stars for the Brisket Pares!


(Brisket Pares – Single P 550.00, Sharing P 790.00)


These are just some of their newly launched dishes that you should definitely try as soon as you get a chance. To wrap it up, Tipsy Pig Gastropub never fails to astound us with all the food they’re dishing out, be it old and new.

Tipsy Pig Gastropub

Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, BGC
(02) 570 4620