Hungry? Order Online with Foodpanda

Long lines and few choices that is usually the complication when buying food. Many answer “kahit ano” when asked what they’ll get, but…there never really is “kahit ano” in the menu. What a huge problem, right?

Foodpanda, a food delivery service, offers a wide variety of food as they have partnered with many restaurants, bars, and even dessert shops in the Philippines. They have over 1,000 partner restaurants. Surely, you’ll find whatever it is you want in Foodpanda.

Foodpanda allows you to discover food around you. You can order through their website or via the Foodpanda app which is available in the App Store or Google Play. All you have to do is enter your location to see the restaurants around that can deliver to you.

food panda landing page

After you filled-up the area where you are, the restaurants available will be shown on your screen.


The details on delivery time and charge will also be included so you know how long you will wait for your orders. If there are restaurants that are not yet open, you can pre-order just in time for either breakfast or dinner.

food panda restaurants

After choosing a restaurant and placing your order, you’ll proceed to check-out. You can review your basket to know your total bill and if you have any vouchers for discounts.


Foodpanda accepts cash on delivery and online payment, catering to customers who do and do not have credit cards. After checking everything, you will get confirmation of your order through sms and e-mail.


Then you can track the time of delivery.


In the few times I have tried Foodpanda, the delivery came even before the expected time.


Go and order your food today through Foodpanda!

Foodpanda Philippines