How to Protect Your Spine and Prevent Hip Pocket Syndrome

Did you know that bulky wallets actually damage your spine over a prolonged period of time? It’s a syndrome called Hip Pocket Syndrome. It affects your spine, pelvis and core. Essentially think of your wallet as chunky or bulky wedge that hits your pelvis when you sit down. An illustration from the Stockton Chiropractic shows this below:


This actually happens every time you go to work, ride a car, have dinner, go on dates and so much more. You don’t notice it after a while because your body will actually adjust to compensate for the wedge and balance it out. The bad thing, though, is that it adjusts in a negative way and will have a long-term impact.

The buttocks area has important tissues and structures that will also be affected. The nerve that gets affected is the sciatic nerve. With the wallet hitting the pelvis and buttocks, the sciatic nerve gets compressed and leads to leg pain, tingling or numbness. This is colloquially called “Wallet-Neurotherapy”.

The best way to avoid Hip Pocket Syndrome? Be aware and change your wallet to a slimmer one that fits in your front pocket. Good thing Urban Traveller & Co. recognizes this everyday dilemma and has an array of ingenious solutions. Below are the top front pocket wallets based on specific lifestyles.

The Digital Nomad

You keep wandering around, moving from one meeting to another, whether be it the cafe outside your office or a business trip abroad. Given that you’re constantly in motion, security becomes vital. You want to protect your credit and identity from being hacked and stolen. Thieves are becoming more high tech with scanners or even with the new NFC enabled smartphone that can easily steal your private information in your credit card.

The Solution: Secrid Miniwallet

The card protector is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection-ready. This means that the wallet’s cards will not be scanned by any device while in the wallet. This ensures the digital nomad peace of mind and allows him to freely go about his day.


The digital nomad also needs quick access to his cards and a few bills. Well, the Secrid Miniwallet has a card drawer mechanism that brings out the cards in a stacked manner, ensuring that it will be easy to pick the right card for the corresponding transaction.

It also comes in a variety of colors and leathers that make for great conversation starters.

The All-Rounder

You want something classy and versatile and you value high quality leather – leather that will age gracefully the more you use it. You want easy access to cash and cards and something that is simple to use.


Carry Capacity: 8-12 cards, Up to 10 Bills, Nano-sim card, key and a few coins

The front pocket entails two main considerations: size and thinness. No one wants a wallet peeking and bulging out from his pocket; that is an ugly sight to behold.

The Solution: Bellroy Note Sleeve

The Bellroy Note Sleeve’s design profile is meant to conceal as much as possible. Unlike traditional wallets, it follows the shape of the leg where it favors being more vertical than horizontal. This design philosophy is the main reason why the Note Sleeve is the best-selling wallet of the brand of all time.


It is slim (just 85mm) and stores flat bills – no need to fold! It doesn’t compromise on capacity as it can still carry all of the daily essentials. The quick-pull tab is an ingenious mechanism that allows for storage capacity (7 cards!) while keeping the thickness to a minimum.

The Minimalist Lifestyle

He only wants to carry the bare minimum. He understands that he doesn’t need to bring everything because his priority is having a slim profile. He is very goal-oriented and doesn’t want a lot of distractions. No extra baggage.

The Solution: Enter The Money Clip

Urban Traveller & Co. has a lot to offer in this department but the best is – The Dun

Carry Capacity: 6-7 cards, 8 Bills and Some Calling Cards

The World’s Thinnest Wallet at only 0.2inches, the Dun Wallet evolves the principle of the money clip and combines it with credit card slots. The minimalist of today will bring a few bills, but will definitely bring cards.

All of these wallets are available at Urban Traveller & Co., a lifestyle curated store for your everyday carry needs.

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