How I Survived My First Boyzilian at Strip!



When in Manila and you want to get the best Boyzilian in town, there’s no other place to go to than Strip: Ministry of Waxing!


I would know, because I just had one.


If you’re wondering how I got myself entangled in this bushy mess, it started out while I was hanging out with my co-writers for When In Manila. After a few hits of alcohol, I felt ready to conquer the world. Our talks soon geared towards the two topics our editor-in-chief Vince Golangco couldn’t cover, and I found myself volunteering. For both. For both the Boyzilian and the men’s pole classes.




I blame the alcohol. I was at that level of inebriation where your cockiness is at an all-time high. I figured, no one would remember this. By the time the sun rises, the idea of me getting waxed and pole dancing would be a distant memory in someone’s hangover.




Fast forward to me sitting in Strip’s Greenbelt 5 branch, a quirky little nook with a submarine theme (each branch has its own theme). The place was bathed in lime green and pink, a far cry from the torture I was sure was happening behind closed doors. Somehow I managed to set an appointment, and I felt my heart beating faster as my hour of doom approached.